Let Silverbirch take care of you audio transfer and format conversion needs. For $50/hour we can transfer to Pro Tools from vinyl, analog 1/2″ 2-track, cassette, DAT, and 16 tracks ADAT. We can also transfer from Pro Tools back to analog 1/2″ 2-track*, cassette*, DAT*, 16 tracks ADAT*, as well as all major media file types including(but not limited to) .wav, .aiff, and SDII formats.

Silverbirch has a mastering quality Technics SL-1200 Mk II turntable specifically for vinyl transfers. Our turntable has been extensively upgraded with such improvements as noise-dampening, fluid-dampened tone arm, monster cable connections, custom external regulated power supply, a Creek OBH-18 RIAA pre-amp and it can even handle 78RPM. We even have a separate phono cartridge specifically for 78 transfers.

We also have the only Ampex ATR-102 1/2″ 2-track analog mastering recording deck in Toronto that has been remanufactured by Mike Spitz and includes his renowned ARIA electronics. This gives us the highest possible analog sound quality for transferring your 1/2″ analog reels. We also have 2 channel Dolby 363 noise reduction module for our 2-track.

Plus, if we don’t have the gear you need, chances are we can rent whatever unit you do need, at ultra-competitive rates. We’ve provided DA-88, Betamax, DigiBetamax, and Analog 2″ 24-track among many others, for customers in the past.

Once your audio is in the computer we have a wide array of restoration plug-ins for Pro Tools to improve the quality of your audio by reducing noise, hiss, and hum among other problems that might arise. See our Mastering Brochure for more details.

For additional rates and more information, contact us.


Audio Transfer: $50/hour

*Additional costs for media may apply.


  • ATR Services (Mike Spitz) Custom Remanufactured 1/2″ ATR-102 (Ampex)
    w/stock and Aria electronics and Flux Magnetics Mastering Series Extended Response Heads
  • Dolby 363 SR/A Noise Reduction w/350 modules
  • Technics SL-1200 Mk II mastering turntable
    w/fluid-dampened tone arm, monster cable, 78RPM, threaded spindle record clamp, strobe disabling circuit, external regulated power supply
  • Creek OBH-18 RIAA pre-amp
  • 2X Alesis ADAT XT 16bit 8 track S-VHS recorders
  • Tascam 122 cassette recorder
  • Sony DTC-A6 DAT
  • Manley Tube Stereo pre-amp
  • Millennia HV-3C solid state stereo pre-amp
  • LavryGold DA924 (digital to analog converter)
  • LavryGold AD122-96MKIII (analog to digital converter)
  • Pro Tools | HD 2 Accel Digital Audio Workstation (HD Core, Accel Card & two 192 i/o)