How To Record And Mix A World-Class Live Album.

Silverbirch Productions is pleased to announce that we are doing live recording!.

Let us record your live performance. Our in house engineer, Ted Onyszczak, is an experienced live recordist. He’s recorded many shows, including most recently the live DVD fo the Arabesque Dance Company. He’s able to put together a package that will suit your needs and budget.

Our rates start at $50/hour, but any live recording will include a custom rental package based on the quantity of channels and material you need recorded. We can handle everything from 2 track to 24 tracks or more. All digitally recorded at the highest of resolution.

For more information, contact Ted Onyszczak.

Once you’ve recorded your album, Silverbirch would be the best place to mix and master it as well, see our brochures for more details.

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