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Hidden Echo - Hidden Echo
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Hidden Echo - Hidden Echo
Hidden Echo

Hidden Echo is Canada’s and possibly the world’s youngest rock band. They range in age from young to a little less young. Hidden Echo is, 13 yr old Taylor O'Meara who with five years experience on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Brothers, Phil Radu, 14 with 4 years experience provides lead guitars and backup vocals; 11 year old Dalton Radu delivers the beats on drums, with four years experience. And with 2 years playing bass and now adding backing vocals and only 9 years on the planet, the third and youngest brother Colin Radu. Together they are following their dream to interpret the sounds that emanate from generations of pop culture and showcase it to their peers; proving rock “n” roll will always have a place. They say that music revolves and the secret is a commitment to expressing yourself and creating new sounds to say it. Their newest, self titled CD says it all. It is an Evolution of guitars, bass, drums and vocals, expressing a younger point of view on themes such as music, family, friends and the pressures of being young. The punchy melodies, intelligent lyrics, wailing solos, and pounding beats set to heartfelt vocals and rocking harmonies will overshadow your disbelief that it all comes from kids so young, and force you to hit repeat to hear it again.

Track List

1. All I Crave
2. Another Day
3. Tears Of Joy
4. C U Later
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