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Alex Grantham - When I Was A Boy...
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Alex Grantham - When I Was A Boy...

Alex Grantham - When I Was A Boy...

In an age of flannel-donning, southern-drawling young songwriters from the 'burbs, it's refreshing to come across a troubadour who appears happily out-of-touch amongst his contemporaries. Hailing from the small Canadian town of Paris, Ontario, Alex Grantham tends to write and record songs that demand repeat listening – if only to further acclimatize oneself with his acutely thoughtful and cerebral lyrics, which he packs into his debut with reckless aplomb. Dylan is the easiest comparison, as many of the songs feature simple verse-refrain or verse-chorus structure and possess similar tone, but Grantham writes and performs full arrangements on the record as well, giving it an otherworldly and notably distinctive sound. The arrangements themselves reveal Grantham's punk-rock influence (he grew up in the 90s) but also his devotion to accomplished musicianship. It's punk, but well played - lo-fi, but grandiose. Dissonance and public-domain sound effects are placed strategically throughout, helping to round out the sound and elaborate on the meanings of the songs.

The album's title “When I Was A Boy...” refers to the fact that Grantham wrote many of these songs upwards of three years earlier, during his early twenties when he was experiencing the typically tumultuous adjustments of young adulthood. Everywhere on the album one can hear a young man full of apprehension, disbelief and anxiety about the things around him (at the time of release he claims to have changed significantly since then). Despite all of this, the songs seldom decline into whining or simple arrogance, as Grantham's wordplay, obvious appreciation for his craft and plain vigour prevent them from doing so. All in all, this is an impressive debut by a talented and very promising young songwriter and musician.

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Track Listing:
1. Towering Tree

Alternative content

2. A Sharp Minor Suicide

Alternative content

3. Song From a Curb
4. A Boy Needs His Exorcise
5. Of A
6. Oh My5

Alternative content

7. Anomaly In River Motion
8. People In Relationships
9. Gabrielle
10. Drunk Dreaming
11. New Venue

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