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Dave Withers - Fires Burning
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Dave Withers - Fires Burning

Dave Withers - Fires Burning

Released January 19, 2022
From his early Victrola recordings of farmhand hollers, to his innovative combination of country music and poetry that likely inspired Leonard Cohen, to his punk rock days drowning in distortion pedals, to his rebirth as an environmental propagandist infiltrating the public education system—Dave Withers is impossibly hard to pin down. So many fires burning.

  1. Down to the Dance
  2. Wishing
  3. Say Goodnight
  4. You and Me and the Radio
  5. I am a Captain
  6. Just Go Home
  7. Goodbye My Child
  8. The Napkin Stand
  9. All My Favourite Songs
  10. Gold was His Sun
  11. Forgiveness
  12. Here Comes the King
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