Graphic Arts, CD, DVD, CD-ROM, In-House CD-R Production and Customer Service:

Shandy Kern has worked as a professional Graphic Designer since 2006, working with Silverbirch Productions the majority of those years, and as a Freelance Designer and Artist, working with such organizations as The Hudson’s Bay Company, Yamaha and Oxfam Canada, and countless Independent Musicians.

As the head of Graphics, Shandy creates original CD/DVD packaging and discface imagery, print and electronic posters, ads and flyers for Silverbirch clients. In addition, Shandy: receives, checks and (when needed) corrects client designs submitted for manufacturing; Designs and/or provides clients with packaging templates; has re-branded and re-designed Silverbirch’s visual persona.

Shandy is also an accomplished musician, including work with the band ESCALATE! and with Canadian artist Emm Gryner.

Interested in seeing samples of his Music design work? See his gallery here.