Recording & Mixing Rates – all rates are by the hour (no block rates)

Recording + Mixing

* Indie rate – per hour: $50.00

* Major label rate, recording – per hour: $75.00

* Major label rate, mixing – per hour: $100.00
Voice Over Recording and Digital Editing:

* per hour: $56.00

Data archive of pro tools recording session $15. per 1 Gigabyte

(for other options, see
Mastering/Digital Editing:

* Indie rate – per hour: $75.00

* Major label rate, per hour: $140.00

* Major label rate, block (min. 6 hour day): $120.00
Dubbing/Duplication (DAT to CD-R, DAT to DAT, DAT to Cassette, vinyl to CD-R with no mastering services):

$50.00 per hour dubbing/duplication + media

Please note that if you decide that the audio needs any editing (including cleaning up & re-fading endings) or mastering (i.e., equalization, compression & volume maximizing), the job will be billed at our regular mastering rates. In this case, please make sure the mastering engineer is booked for your job.

Mitsui recordable CD-Rs and DVDs

Maxell DATs in various lengths at competetive retail rates

Maxell XL-IIS cassettes
Everyone outside of Canada should take note of this – All rates are in Canadian Dollars. As of March. 30/04, exchange to US dollars is approximately 1.3, so $50.00 per hour Canadian is approx. $40. per hour US. Furthermore, orders shipped outside Canada are tax exempt. Canadian orders are subject to GST (7%) plus PST (8%) in Ontario.

US customers may pay in US dollars.
All rates are subject to change without notice

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Interac.