The exceptional vocal recording setup at Silverbirch has always made us an ideal studio in which to record world-class voice-overs but now we can handle projects that call for lock-to-picture, including sound effects and stereo mixing for docs and industrials– and, at really reasonable rates.

Our world-class recording chain, featuring Neumann mics, Manley or Milennia pre-amps, Requisite or Manley compressors and LavryGold or Apogee 24 bit convertors interfacing with a Pro Tools | HD Digital Audio Workstation (featuring an HD Core & 192 i/o) will provide a vocal sound equal to any world-class studio, even ones costing four to five times the price.

Our SFX library features license-free “Hollywood Edge” CDs and can be used in your productions for no extra charge.


Voice Over Recording and Digital Editing:

* per hour: $56.00


* per hour: $65.00

Equipment Specific To V/O’s:

Neumann U87A & U87Ai condenser Microphones
Microtech Gefell M71 condenser Microphone
Sennheiser 441MD 421Microphones
Manley Tube Stereo Pre-Amp
Millennia HV-3C solid state stereo pre-Amp
Manley Variable MU Tube Compressor/Limiter
Requisite L2M Tube Mastering Limiter
Apogee Big Ben 192k Master Digital Clock
Apogee PSX-100 24 bit analog to digital/digital to analog converter
LavryGold AD122-96MKIII (analog to digital converter)
Pro Tools | HD 2 Accel Digital Audio Workstation (HD Core, Accel Card & two 192 i/o)

Comprehensive Recording/Mixing Gear List (Recording Brochure)