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Joel Parkes - Planet
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Joel Parkes - Planet

Joel Parkes - Planet

Indie-folk artist Joel Parkes has been plying his song-writing trade for literally decades and, in the summer of his 60th year, he has decided to release his debut album, 'Planet'. From writing #1 hit songs for other artists, to busking in the streets of Vancouver and the London Underground, to playing in New York's Greenwich Village, to being signed as a songwriter with Universal Music Publishing and BBC Music Publishing to playing gigs all over British Columbia, London, England, Toronto and a thousand points in between Parkes has always been writing songs and performing them. This album is a collection of 18 of these that were written from when he was just 15 years old up to today.

Separated into three sections of six songs each, with each section being named after the planets Venus, Neptune and Saturn, each of these songs were deliberately recorded in just one take. What results is an authentic, vulnerable and totally unique album whose stories of circuses, ships at sea, redemption, pottery wheels and moving on as winter approaches are accompanied by Parkes' quiet solo voice and his acoustic guitar. It's Willy Nelson meets Pink Floyd. It's Steve Earle meets Tom Waits. It's the open road meets the midnight choir. It's a carefully selected collection of songs from a man who has been writing songs all of his life.

Track Listing:

  1. Venus
  2. Titanic
  3. It Ain't Love
  4. Flowers
  5. You Will Know Why Birds Fly
  6. Sweet Love
  7. I Hope the Moon Will Come Out Tonight
  8. Neptune
  9. I Want
  10. One Step into Mine
  11. You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
  12. Planet
  13. I Can See the Lights Across the Harbour
  14. Garden Maze
  15. Saturn
  16. Leaves
  17. Donna's In the Bath Tonight
  18. Mistaken For A Clown
  19. Pottery Love
  20. Hey
  21. Something Simple
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