CD & MP3 Sales:

  • For as little as $35. you can be selling your CD online worldwide.
  • Our store offers Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and even cheque payment systems, saving you the time, hassle, and expense of setting it up yourself.
  • Just leave your CDs with us and we’ll handle all of the shipping, anywhere in the world, with a wide variety of delivery services for customers to choose from.
  • You choose the selling price, we take a 30% commission from each sale and you get the rest.
  • Your Silverbirch Music Store web page which will include an image of the cover and a condensed description of the music/artist that you provide, and a track listing, with mp3 samples of 3 songs from the album.
  • As well, for an additional $15, or $35 on its own without physical CD sales, we’ll digitize your album into high quality 320kbps mp3 files, include a high res scan of the cover and you can be selling your album as a complete download online. We package the whole album in one convenient download, no tethered files and the resolution is higher than many other online stores and most streaming services.
  • Plus we, still only take 30% of each digital sale, you dictate the selling price of the digital album only sale, and take the rest, a much better deal than the larger online stores.
  • We can also set it up so that customers can download the album in digital mp3 format once they’ve purchased the CD as a free included bonus.
  • We pay monthly, provided a minimum sales total of $25 has accrued, and provide a report of sales upon request. As well, we provide your customers with the choice to pass on their email information for you to use for mailing lists and fan-clubs.

Digital Distribution:

  • We can distribute you album to iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and many other worldwide online stores.
  • For $35., or only $25 when bundled with our CD and mp3 sales package, we can make your album available through all major digital music stores.
  • Most online stores take 30% from each sale, and sell songs for $1. and albums for $10. fixed rates vary per store and are set by the store.
  • We take only an additional 12% for handling the service. That’s lower than most other online stores, and there’s no other monthly or yearly renewal fees! A great deal.
  • You will get a payment and report, upon request, each month from these stores based on your sales, provided a minimum $25. in sales has accrued. Note that most online stores hold payment for 3 months, so payment from digital sales comes after this three month wait.
  • If you’ve already signed up for iTunes or other stores with another provider, you won’t need this services, and you cannot sign up twice.
  • The online store we distribute to are: iTunes (worldwide), Google Play,,  Spotify, Pandora, and eMusic

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy your CDs.
  • On your website, you link to a custom designed web page in our store. The customer can get more info about your CD(s) and place their order with our secure shopping cart. We will process the order, collect the funds, ship out the order and send you a cheque. It’s that easy.
  • Your agreement with us is totally non-exclusive. Think of us as a music retailer. In fact, if you are a Canadian artist, or have fans in Canada, you should consider using our store for sales in Canada even if you are listed in an internet store in the US. The shipping is faster and less expensive.
  • Imagine the reaction of your fan in Toronto, Ontario when they purchase your product through a US online site and see the shipping costs and the time it takes to receive the product! A surcharge is also added on to the credit card when debited in US funds and then charged back to you in Canadian Funds. Then there will be customs charges and they won’t really realize the costs until they see the credit card statement.
  • If you want your CDs to be in more than one online store, a simple, customer friendly idea is to put a “buy in US” link and a “buy in Canada” link, and you can include the rest of the world to either store. Your fans will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • For further information and rates, contact us at