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If you have had all or any part of your recording, mastering or CDs done at Silverbirch (recording/mixing/mastering/duplicating) and are not credited in our client’s list, please send the info (Artist/Title/Label & website) to Andy Krehm.


A Minute Away – 84, Indie

Aaron Brock Toccata, Indie

Aaron WilkinsonMore Pricks Than Kicks, Indie

Aavi Sreejini Savaari – Devotional Bhajans, Indie

Aavry Knapp Greatest Hits, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Aavry Knapp Daze In My Life, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Abashawl Band – Eritrean Traditional Instrumental Songs, Ferede Abreha

Abdalla Abubaker – The Millennium Instrumental Collection, Indie

Abdel Karim A. El. Kabli – Su’aad (Dalaib Rhythm), Kabli Trading & Investment Co. Ltd.

Abdinassir A. Sulub – Rabaso, Mandeeq Productions

Abena Richard – Back to the 60’s, G. Gab Productions

Abraham – Moonlight Volume 1, Indie

AbsoluteAbsolute, Indie

Aconcagua – Aconcahua, T.B.A.

ACS – Coffee House, Indie

A.C.T.S.: Not My Will…, Indie,

Adadamu – Adadamu, G. Money Productions

Adam KositskyLittle Car, Indie

Adikoo – Megye Mani, Sounds Unlimited Productions

AdrianaI’m Here, A & D Music Productions

Adriano Sousa – Deixa-ma te amar, Indie

Adriano Sousa – Crianca Da Rua, Indie

Adriano Sousa – Nos Estamos Juntos, Indie

Adwel International Ltd. – DWR Reporter (video presentation cd), Indie

After the Fall – After the Fall, Riverwolf Music

Afrika – Bita Nascimento, Indie

Aida Neves – Gentle Yoga, Sunlilyoga Production

Al Raposo – Meu Coraçåo, Indie

Alan BurlonNostalgia, Indie

Albert John Saxby – Essonville, Indie

Albert John SaxbyBellbottoms Over Liverpool, Indie

Albert Schultz – Young At Heart, Jamia Records

Alex Baird – ish, Moksa Records

Alex Cantero – Luce de mi Tierra, Indie

Alex MortimerSongs From The Colonies, Indie

Alex Pangman Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming, Sensation Records/Verve/Universal

Alex Pangman & Her Alley Cats Live In Montreal, Sensation Records

Alexis Radlin – Fishing For Sanity*, Moksa Records

Alleviation – Alleviation, Silber Records

Alias DonmillionMusic Money, Universal Music Canada

Alias DonmillionTrap Rap, Universal Music Canada

Alicier Arts Chamber Music – Café des Arts, Indie

All Else FailsAgainst The Darkening Sky, Suicidal Bride Records

Almaz Tefferi – Zelela Weini, Indie

Alysha Gauthier – Light in the Darkness, Tavita Productions Inc.

Alysha Gauthier – I Answer The Call, Tavita Productions Inc.

Alyssa Ryvers – Drunk On Dreams, Music North Inc.

Amanda MorraKisses EP, Costa Music

AmélieAmélie, Indie

Amy SkyBreath of fresh Air, iTunes Release

An Accomplishment in Canadian Architecture, 1709 Hollis St., Halifax

An April March – Instruments of Lust And Fury, Bedazzled Records

An April March – Lessons In Vengeance, Bedazzled Records

An April March – Adagio, Bedazzled Records

An April March – It Goes Without Saying**, Bedazzled Records

Ana Bodnar Embracing Peace, Indie

Ancient Animal Stories – Ancient Animal Stories, Star Communication

Anderson / SloskiFootwork, Make It Real Records

Andre Forget – The Great Escape, Steam Music Management

Andrea Florian – Only Human, Bathsheba Records

Andrea Florian – Truths, Bathsheba Records

Andrea Florian – Somehurrygood, Bathsheba Records

Andrea House – Heart’s Hotel, House Records

Andrée Bernard – Andrée Bernard, Indie

Andrew JacobSongs For Saint Annie, Pivotal Productions

Andrew LockingtonSaint Ralph, Ellchris Records

Andrew ScottBlue Mercer, Sackville Records

Andrew ScottThis One’s For Barney, Sackville Records

The Andrew Scott Quartet meets Dan Block and Jon-Erik KellsoNostalgia, Sackville Records

AndyMcClelland – Who’s There?, Silversmith Records – 2010

Andy SheppardAndy Sheppard, S.T.R

Andy SwanA Morning At The House Of Miracles, Kelp Records

AngelicaRemember Who You Are, Stream Entertainment

Angelo TsarouchasIt’s All greek To Me (Comedy Show), Funny Greek Productions

Ani’s Whisper – Beauty, Borderland Records

Anna MacDonald – Anna, Indie

Annie JackmanHooray For A Happy Day, Kassiopia Entertainment

Annie MacLean – Star Of The County Down, Faylou Records

Annie MarleauAlive, Serendipity Music

AnniqueOnce Upon A Time…, Indie

Anthony Garcia – Surrender, Indie

Anthony Salvatore – The Peace Within, Indie

AnvilAbsolutely No Alternative, Hypnotic Records/Anvil Enterprises

AnvilSpeed of Sound, Massacre Records

AnvilAnthology, Hypnotic Records/Anvil Enterprises

AnvilAnthology, Vol.1, Hypnotic Records/Anvil Enterprises

AnvilPlenty Of Power, Hypnotic Records/Anvil Enterprises

AnvilStill Going Strong, Hypnotic Records/Anvil Enterprises

Any DecemberHide & Seek, Indie

Approaching Zero – Jungleman, Indie

Arabesque Dance CompanyDescent of Ishtar, Indie

Arabesque Dance CompanyOyoun, Indie

Arabesque Dance CompanyNawaem, Indie

Arabesque Dance Company OrchestraAsala I Live, Indie

Arabesque Dance Company OrchestraAsala II Live, Indie

Arch Rockefeller – Into Thin Air, Sanitary Music

Arden and the Tourists – Rock, Ski & Roll, Indie

Ariane MahrykeDouble Entendre, Indie

Ariel – Withdrawn, Plan Eleven

Arika KaneArika Kane, BSE Records

Arlene DaltonBeacon (A Guided Meditation & Relaxtion), Indie

Arny G – Arny G, Indie

Arsenals – Stomp****, Moon Records

A.S.A.P.- Warm Fire, Pit Stop Music/All Kinz Music

Ashley Bee – Excuse Me, E.W.A.Records

Ask Herion SallyVein, Deadsix Communications

Asmus Tietchens – Seuchengebiete 3, Artware Products

Aspects of Electrosurgery – a self-study cd-rom for healthcare professionals, University Health Network

Ass MachinePride of Bovinia, Indie

Ass MachineWe Are Changing Our Name, Indie

Assume No OrderExit Dark, Indie

Astro Groove – Astro Groove, Spinning Round the World Records

Ato Sew – Youth Of Ethopia, Indie

Audrey Gordon – … Still Waiting, Indie

Aurora…Scribbled in the Margins, Indie

Austin JohnAustin John, Indie

Austin JohnPeople, Places, Things, Indie

Autodidacts – Autodidacts, Dangerous Alliance Records

AutorickshawAutorickshaw, Autorickshaw/Tala-Wallah Records

AutorickshawFour Higher, Autorickshaw/Tala-Wallah Records

Autorickshaw – So The Journey Goes, Autorickshaw/Tala-Wallah Records

Axel Dorner – Diego ChamyWhat Matters To Ali, C3R

Aymara’ – Musica Para La Vida*****, Indie


Back II Back – Still Missing You, Bighooks Records Productions

Bad Blood – 1400+, Supermomo Records

Bad Blood – Amplify, That’s You Music

BageshreeBageshree, Indie

BageshreeTarana, Indie

Barbara Fulton Somebody New, Indie

Barry Haggarty – Old Days, Indie

Barry Haggarty – If These Walls Could Talk, Indie

Basement 11 Softcore, Indie

Bayside Secondary SchoolCourse Calendar 2009 – 2010, Indie

Bayside Secondary SchoolCourse Calendar 2010 – 2011, Indie

BellevueLost In Space, Music Maul Industries

Bellúz – Bellúz, Third Ear Records

Beneath Agusta – Mellanova 00-03, Aporia

Ben and Aubrey – Lost In Paradise, Baub, Inc.

Ben D’Cunha & Bob Fenton Owners of the Planet, Indie

Benjy Osagbaekhoe – Thank You For My Life, Indie

Bent – Bent, Indie

Bercy I Dream & I Believe, NTH Entertainment

Bernard TaylorStepping Stones For Slippery Slopes, Indie

Bernie Greenspoon – Moodswing Productions-Visual Music, Bernie Greenspoon/Fresh Picked Music

BesharahCereal Suits, Curmudgeon Music/Phraen Hussy Prod.

Beth Fox & Theresa Foley – A Promise Come True, Humanwave Records

Better Than Blue – Bloom, Coalition Entertainment Management

Bev Marie – The Gift, Indie

Bhakti – Journey of the Heart, Limitless Music

Big Change – Big Change, Glynda Lynn Promotions

Big Rude Jake & His Gentlemen PlayersButane Fumes & Bad Cologne, Big Rude Records

Big Rude Jake Blue Pariah, Big Rude Records

Big Rude Jake Defiance, Big Rude Records

Bill BourneVoodoo King, Second Storey / Festival

Bill King’s Rhythm ExpressBeat Street, 7 Arts Entertainment

Bill McBirnie (Featuring Mark Eisenman and The Trio) – Nature Boy, Indie

Bill McBirnie Duo / Quartet (Featuring Bernie Senensky, Neil Swainson & John Sumner) – Paco Paco, Indie

Bill Newman – Love Unconditional, Indie

Billy Boy Arnold – Consolidated Mojo, Electro-Fi Records

Billy Boy Arnold – Billy Boy Sings Sonny Boy, Electro-Fi Records

Biovail Corporation – Making the Vision a Reality, Indie

Black EuphoriaBlack Euphoria, Indie

Black Tie Affair – Black Tie Affair, Wounded Souls Publishing Co.

Blackie & The Rodeo – Kings High Or Hurtin’, True North

Blake Puskas – Conversations With My Shadow, Indie

Blanche – Flexees Lovable Nemo*8, Blanche

BleepIMM 0008, TeknoStan Records

BleepDatenbergbau, TeknoStan Records

Blues ElementBaby’s Got The Blue, Independent

Blues ElementAre You Ready, Independent

BMVthe beginning, Esja Entertainment, Iceland

Bob Cook – Free Spirit Fred, Unherdof Productions

Bob JahrigColour of the Moon, Indie

Bob Robertson – Decolores, RDR Productions

Bobby Irie – Batchelor Blues (single), Planet Records

Bobnoxious – Bobnoxious, Wannabe Records

Bonehouse – Bonehouse, Ilium Music

Bonnie James – Between the Covers, Indie

Boobie Browne & the OnionsBirth of the Chickenpick, Indie

Boogiewall SoundsystemSuper My Own Band, Boogiewall Productions

Bound EtherChildren of the Shift, Indie

Bourbon Tabernacle Choir – Shyfolk*****, Yonder Records

Bowfire Live, Lenny Solomon Productions Inc.

Boy BallzPut Yer dick On It, Indie

Boys Night Out – 50 Million People Can’t Be Wrong, Ferret Records

Brain TuelBlack & White, Indie

BrandNew SunsetBrandNew Sunset, Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Brandon ScottBrandon Scott with Attic Salt****, Curmudgeon Music Prod.

Brandon Scott & Lizzie Shanks – Demonstratives***, Curmudgeon Music Prod.

BrasheetWorthy Of Praise, Indie

Braithwaite & WhiteleyNight Bird Blues, Electro-Fi Records

Braithwaite & WhiteleyMorning Sun, Electro-Fi Records

Breithaupt Brothers SongbookLive at the Yonge Centre for the Performing Arts, Green Dolphin Music

Brent Atkins – Hello Hello! Introducing Brent Songs for Children, Red Pants Records

Brian G. Birnie – Enjoy The Celebration!, Indie

Brian BlainWho Paid You To Give Me The Blues?, Blainco Music

Brian BlainOverqualified For The Blues, Northern Blues Music

Brian Pitcher – Did You Hurt Her Agian, Crown Boy Music

Brick Mallery Private Investigator – Episode One, Scenario Productions

Brick Mallery Private Investigator – Episode Two, Scenario Productions

BrieSeasons Of Faith, Brie Kroeker

Brtitish Columbia Federation of Woodlots Assoc.B.C.’s Woodlot License Program, Woodlot Product Development Council

Broken JoeLong Walk To Nowhere, Indie

Brookside Youth Chorus – Only One Step, Indie

BroomfillerWatching The Girls Go Bi, Sterile Records

BrownGreatest Hits The Golden Years, Century Records

Bruce Cockburn – When you Give It Away, radio edit from the album Breakfast In New Orleans, Dinner In Timbuktu – True North Records

Bucketmouth – Slow, Bucketmouth Music

BumfishSwimming Sounds, Grasshopper Nightmare Music

Bur Monter – Fell, Eilethyia

Burn The PastSurviving The Last Days Of Autumn, Advance Records

Burst – Return to Vino Island, Indie

Butternut – Butternut, Butternut Music

Buzz Thompson And The HoneybeesIt’s Yesterday Once More, BTHB


CabanaCharger, Indie

Cadencefrost-free, Cadence-unplugged

CadenceTwenty For One, Cadence-unplugged

CadenceSpeakEasy, Cadence-unplugged

Cadillac Ranch – Ranch Songs, K. Armstrong

Caitlin HanfordBluer Skies, Outside Music

Calico JackThe Oyster Wife Songs of the Chesapeake Bay, Indie

Cam MacInnesMushroom Dirt, Indie

Canadian Cancer Society – Relay For Life School Program, Indie

Canadian Nuclear Society Fuelling A Clean Future, Indie

Canadian Nuclear Society The Next Generation Of Simulation Tools, Indie

Canadian Nuclear Society Steam Generator Conference, Indie

Canadian Nuclear Society Atoms for Power, Health & the Environment, Indie

Cantores Fabularum – From Pennies in a Cup, Indie

Cantores Fabularum – Keeping Vigil ‘Till The Morning, Indie

Capitol Woodwind QuintetA Musical Toast, Americus

Car Go Zoom – Crazy, Zoom Town Productions

Car Go Zoom – e.p., Zoom Town Productions

Carey Shearer – You’ve got me lookin’ for your love, Carey Shearer Records

Carla HansenNever Alone, Dreamgirl Music

Carlo CoppolaMoving, Move Productions

Carol Bruce – Moving, My Sanctuary Music

Carol FarrarRed Spirit Rising… , Amphisbaena Music

Carrie Alice WilliamsA Bird In Hand, Indie

Cass Marie & The Blackfeather BandLove’s Uncertain, Indie

CastrumHatenourisher, Bloodbucket Productions

CastrumMysterious Yet Unwearied, Bloodbucket Productions

CastrumPhenomenonsense, Bloodbucket Productions

Casual Damage – Beyond Repair, Indie

Catarina Cardeal & Mike Siracusa (15)Fado Blues, CBC Radio / Lula Lounge

Celebration Of PraiseYour Love is Everywhere, Celebration of Praise Recordings

Celeste – Not My Will, New Notes Music

Centre Hastings Secondary School – 2004/2005 CD Yearbook, Indie

Centre Hastings Secondary School – 2005/2006 CD Yearbook, Indie

Ceol Eclectique – Ceol Eclectique, Joe Radio

Chakademus & PliersBack Against The Wall, Explorer Recording Inc.

Chameleon ProjectStereoscopic, Chameleon Project

Charlie Angus & The Grievous AngelsHanging Songs, Jimmy Boyle Records

Charles Offor – Mount Nebo, Indie

Cheap SuitsLookin’ For a Deal, Indie

Chef Peter T – Come and Get It, Indie

Children’s Community Choir – Take 5!, Juli Bridgeman

ChimelaThe Artist Formerly Unknown As Michael Luce, MIL Music

Chithian Ishq Dian – Pamma, Newtek Music

Chloe AlbertDedicated State, Indie

Chopfallen – Her Life, Swampy Records

Chris AntonikChris Antonik, Indie

Chris EvansAutumn in The Valley, Amphisbaena Music

Chris FlinchbaughPostmarked For Yesterday, Indie

Chris Kenny – Something So Right, Indie

Chris PageDecide To Stay And Swim, Kelp Records

Chris Robinson – … Pleased To Meet You, Indie

Chris StapleyI Was Just On Hold, Indie

Chris Whiteley w/special guest Curley Bridges- It’s The Natural Thing To Do, Electro-Fi Records

Chris Whiteley & Diana Braithwaite Delta Phonic Love Letters, Electro-Fi Records

Chris Whiteley & Diana Braithwaite Morning Sun, Electro-Fi Records

Christ Vs. KrishnaChrist Vs. Krishna, Indie

ChristianneDoomsday Lovers, Indie

Christine BougieAloha Supreme, Indie

Christine BougieHammy’s Secret Life, Indie

Christopher Dunn – Falling Down, Borderland Records

Chunk O’ Funk – Slinky Slider Snowfall, Sterling Sound

CinemascopeSoundimension, Airline Records

Cipher – Cipher, T.B.A.

City Wide Choir – Jubilate, Hamilton Board of Education

Clayton Denwood – The Exile Sessions, Little Wheel Music

Clayton Denwood – Sunset on the Highway, Foursquare Records

Clazz – Flute & Harp Duo, Indie

Clela ErringtonLace Curtains, Indie

Clela ErringtonIn The Eddy, Indie

Clela ErringtonCorazon, Indie

Coldsweat Corporate Slave – Coldsweat Music

Coldsweat Nocturnal – Coldsweat Music

Colin LindenThrough The Storm Through The Night*****, Columbia/Sony

Colin LindenWaiting Is Over (single)*****, Columbia/Sony

Colin Linden(raised by wolves), Columbia/Sony

Colin McKechnie – My Own Hand, Seemac Productions

Colin Soutar Sidestep, PlusDenProductions

Colleen BrownA Peculiar Thing, Indie

Colleen Hodgson – Songs of Maggie, Biggiola Records

Colleen O’Brien – Blurring the Image, Pipedream Productions

Colonel Tom and the Loose CannonsSongs For The Young’uns, Run Mountain Records

Colorblind – Euphoria, Indie

Colours – Mix Some Flowers, Newton Walker Productions

Colt HarleyII, Indie

Come From Africa – Sunshining World, Kojo Brewu

Comfort Nkurma – Wone Dee Oreba No?, Indie

Confrontation – It’s A New Day, Soundroom Production

Cool BabiesMusic Volume 1: Assorted Fun Pack, Be One Music, a division of Soundmedia

Cool Richie – Vegas Mode, Indie

Cora RussellIn His Pesence, OneTrack Music & Management

Cordon BluesBluesifyin’, Indie

Corestone – Tide Is Rising, Confrontation Muzik

Courtney FarquharAll My Friends Are Superheroes, XOXO Productions

Craig SharpeI Am, Moca Music/EMI

Craig Wingrove – Musical Gems I For Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove – Musical Gems II For Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove – Musical Gems III For Pre-Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove – Musical Gems 1V For Pre-Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove – Musical Gems V For Pre-Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove – Musical Gems VI For Pre-Ballet Class, Indie

Craig Wingrove – Romantic Interludes, Indie

Crank RadioCrank Radio, Mad Crash

Crimescene – Rapture, Haemorrhage Music Products

Cromwell StreetRail Eater, Deadsix Communications

Crushing Saints – Crushing Saints, Crush Records

Crystal PlamondonPlus de Frontiers – No Borders, Communicartz Productions

Crystal PlamondonOn a Song & a Prayer, Avenir Disc Inc

Cubanos – Holguin, Indie

C.U.M. – The Evolutionary Process, C.U.M. Productions

CuntwormAria Des Vampyr, Bloodbucket Productions

Curley BridgesKeys To The Blues, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

Curley BridgesMr. Rock ‘N’ Soul, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

Cyber Film School – Movie School Encyclopedia, Indie

Cynthia Ballesteros – What A Little Moonlight Can Do, Indie

Cynthia Funk – Ashtanga Yoga with Cynthia Funk, Indie

Cynthia Hallett – Sweet like Poison, Speed Dog Records

Cynthia Hallett – Miracle, Speed Dog Records

Cynthia Namaro – Brazilian Shoes, N.M.O. Publishing

CyrWhen It Rains, Femalien Music

CyrusSun To Star, Sundarsongs Publishing


DA – Sarava Criola, DADA Music Productions

Da Qing – Tha Warnin’, X-Posse Produqtions

Daddy Long LegsJust Like That, Fancy Foot Work Productions

Daily Routine – Follow The Jackass, Switch Records

DameIntervention, Megawatt Studios

Dan Bryk – Asshole, No! Discs

Dana Baitz – Flower, Twistee Records

Dana EdmondsHybrid Being, Hotcomb Music

Dandelion WineThe Face on Mars, Indie

Daniel – Daniel, dL Productions

Daniel Blair – Daniel Blair, Indie

Daniel David MosesRiver Range Poems, Indie

Daniel Huezo – Comienzos, Ava Music

Danny Bakan…And Truth Is Spectacular, Indie

Danny BrooksRock This House, HIS House Records

Danny Brooks n’ the Rockin’ Revelators – Soulsville III (Live at the Palais Royale), Indie

Danny DePoeSetting Old Standards, DDP Productions

Danny MarksBig Town Boy, Indie

Dano – Midnight Creature, Maybe Music

Darren Granter – One More Try, Ivan & Lorraine Granter

Darrell Dee – Sonic Vibrations, Darrell Ricketts

Darryl HursVelocity, Gen-Sub Records

Daughters Of Glorious Jesus – Anwanwa Din, Rt. Rev. Akwasi Asare Bediako

Dave Babcock – Happenstance, Jump Records

Dave GretchellA Slant Of Life And Living, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Dave Grobe – Thank You, Indie

David Braid – Vivid: The David Braid Sextet Live, Indie

David BraidNovitas, Indie

David Braid Sextet Zhen (David Braid Sextet Live Volume II), Indie

David Braid Sextet Verge, Indie

David Kennedy – Treasure Of Time, Sir Reel Music

David Michael King’s Road, Independent

David Néron Oponga – Nyoye Tolombe, Lorombo

David Orrett – More Than Me, Indie

Dawn Barry – Songs By Sunrise, Indie

Dead CelebrityDead Celebrity, Indie

Dead End CharlieDead End Charlie, Indie

Deadly Snakes – Love Undone, Sympathy 4 THER.1

Dean Wolfe11:59, Indie

Deb Leech – Seriously Silly, Indie

Debi Sander Walker Full Spectrum, Debi Sander Walker entertainment

Deborah ShannonLive Your Life Now! Volume 1: Wake up to your full potential, Indie

December Sun – December Sun, Independent

Decoded FeedbackShockwave, Out of Line

Decoded FeedbackPhoenix, Out of Line

Decoded FeedbackAftermath, Metropolis, Dependent

Deja – Dedicated Man, Phat Back Records

Dementia Five – INhER DEMONS, Mwandishi Communications

Denis Keldi and Tony QuarringtonHammond Grits, Blue Gardenia

Denise MyersFlow Through Me Lord, Indie

Dennis Reuben BudgellLittle Lake, db Music

Detectice KalitaDetective Kalita, Preppyrecords

Detectice KalitaThe Night We Ate The Cake, Kelp Records

Detectice KalitaThe Michael Parks, Kelp Records

Diabelli String Quartet – Brahms, Zephyr

Diana Braithwait & Chris WhiteleyMorning Sun, Electro-Fi Records

Diana StabelWave, Indie

Diane Chase, Jumbo Records

DiggingRootsSeeds, Jericho Beach Music/Festival

Dino Salinas – Red a mis Pasos, Ministerio de Adoracion Luz Divina

Dino Salinas – La Paz Quiero Yo, Ministerio de Adoracion Luz Divina

Dino Salinas – Juntos es Posible Adorando al Mesias, Ministerio de Adoracion Luz Divina

Dionysian Smile – happy since the accident, Daisy Chain/Planet Records

Dirk BeckInsomnia, Biggiola Records

Dixie DemonsLive At The Rex, Indie

DJ Chris Spotlight, New Brand Music

DJ Chris Dem Fi Know, New Brand Music

DJ Chris Eye Water, New Brand Music

DK IbomekaLove Stories, Wychwood Park Productions

DK IbomekaI’m Your Man, Wychwood Park Productions

Doc MacLean Narrow House, Indie

Doc Walker – good day to ride, Agasea Records

Doctor Nick & The RollercoastersBlues… Straight Ahead, Bluetube Records

Dominic Mancuso – Comfortably Mine, Indie

Don Simmons & Mike Lewis – Halfway, Don Simmons Music

Donald “Boots” BrasseurA Maze Of Music, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Doolores Prussak – Just a Moment Inspired, Dovaka

Doreen Smith – Notes From Home, Indie

Doug Richardson – Doug Richardson, Big Black Dog Publishing

Douglas John Cameron – Tangleheart, Zeptunes/Don’t Blink Music

Dr. Minz and the Chronic Harmonic – The Invisible Fear, Experimental Eyes and Ears Inc.

Dr. Minz and the Chronic Harmonic – Adventures in the Solid World, Experimental Eyes and Ears Inc.

Dropkids – Moons nd Goochers, Indie

DrumTuner – DrumTuner, Maestro Innovations

Dry CountyCowboy Up, R.S. Sounds & Production

DubmatixChampion Sound Clash, Soul Stepper / 7 Arts Entertainment

DubmatixAtomic Subsonic, 7 Arts Entertainment

Dunsford United Church Choir – Tell The Good News, Indie

Durham Christian High School – Better Is One Day, Indie

DustStorm – Bird Breit Coryell Quarrington, Indie

Dylan Wickens ¥ Jon KnightWickens ¥ Knight, Indie


Earlene Lord – Don’t Give Up, Indie

Eddie BaltimoreThe Space Between, Iridescent Music / Critter

Eddie Graf – Invitation to the Dance, Indie

Eden AntsLosing.Touch.EP, Born Alpha Productions

Eden AntsHole, Punch, Litter, Eden Ants, Visualized

Eden AntsTake What You Want, Eden Ants, Indie

Edith Barit – I Am A Woman, Indie

Eduardo Aranda – Un Vals un Bolero, Indie

Eduardo Fernandes – O Caminho Para o Pai, Indie

Eileen QuinnDegrees of Deviation, Indie

Eileen QuinnNo Significant Features, Indie

Eileen QuinnMean Low Water, Indie

Eileen QuinnNot To Be Used For Navigation, Indie

Eileen QuinnMiss Inclined, Indie

Einstagator – The Arrival, Indie

Ejune E.P., Indie

El Chombo – Cuentos de la Cripta 2, Oilers Music Inc.

Eldon – time well spent, Indie

Eleanor McCainIntimate, Retriever Records

Electric MagmaKaraoke Bitch Slap, Around Ahead Music

ElectrodieselWhile America Sleeps, Something Inviting Records

Electronic Bubonic Impermanence, Indie

Elf Power – Come On, New Noise / Little Army

Elfreda Pitt – Certainty, Indie

Elise Dallaire – Moonstruck, Comstock Records

Elite/Encore! – …On Broadway, Planet

Elle – Nympholepsy, Fearless Records

Ellen CarolButtercup Hamsterjuice, Carol Ellen Protz

Elliott BROOD Tin Type, Electro Photo Records

Elliott BROOD Ambassador, Six Shooter Records

Elmer Romantico – Elmer Romantico, Leons Production

Elsie Osbournefindin’ the groove, Independent

Elvis Presley Jr. – I Believe America Is Strong, Trilogy Records N.Y.

Elyssa Mahoney Try To See Me Like That, The Iridescenmt Music Company Inc.

Emer Lucid Dreams, Indie

Emit Ridge – Discretion, Rex Records

Encore – Voices of the Season, Planet Entertainment

EndeavourMantra, Indie

EndeavourDEmise, Indie

Eng. Asghedom W. Michael – The Legend!, Meron Kidane

Enrico Crivellaro featuring Finis Tasby + James Harman – Key To My Kingdom, Electro-Fi Records

Enrico Crivellaro-Raphael Wressnig Organ Trio – Mosquito Bite

Enriquez – Puente del Diablo, Indie

Enriquez LopezLittle Angel (New Flamenco), Indie

Ermias Assebwork – Keken Ande Ken, Indie

Eshet Mengesha – Instrumental Music Volume 1, Indie

Eskimocentricity M.O., Lucid Designs

Essex CourtThe Serum, Red Haze Entertainment

Estonian Mens Choir – Estonian Mens Choir, Hypnotic Records

Et-ceteraSavvy Songs, Great Grooves, (Starving Musicians.), Indie

Ethereal Nature – T.B.A., Smudge Records

EvirusNocturnal, Indie

ExitseekersArt of Escape, Roomsixrecords Inc.

Extreme FluteDesvio, Bill McBirnie

Extreme FluteScratch It!, Bill McBirnie


534534, Indie

Faith Is Cracking – Feel The Music, Crackmeup Music

Fallacy Flow – Neves****, Indie

Fallacy Flow – A Prelude To…, Gotham/Macedo Entertainment

Fallacy Flow – Frailty of Grace, Gotham Recordings/Maple/Universal

Famous Framus band – Down By Desire, Three Chord Records

Farewell to FreewayShadybrook Session, Indie

Fast And DirtyLive From Our Pants, Indie

Fast Freddie – Fires, Flying Fish Roe Music

Fat chance – Bologma, Indie

FatheadBlues Weather, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

FatheadWhere’s Your Head At?, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

FatheadFirst Class Riff-Raff, Electro-Fi Records Inc.

FatheadLivelier Than Ever!, Indie

FatheadFathead, Festival Distribution, Inc.

FatheadBuilding Full Of Blues, Electro-Fi Records

FatheadWhere’s The Blues Taking Me”, Electro-Fi Records

Father Bressani C.H.S. – Memories Are Forever, Indie

Father’s Property – Give the Man a Hand , Indie

Fefe DobsonVarious tracks including “Watch Me Move”, Chris Smith Management

Fela A. Kuti – The Best of Fela (1), Global Communications

Feleg Yatana – Feleg Yatana, Indie

Felix Owusu – “Eshow” Me, Worldwide Nakasi Records

Felix Owusu – Vida, G. Gab Productions

FFNIn Blue Jeans, FFN Music

58 Skiviesep, Indie

Final FantasyHas A Good Home, Blocks Recording Club/Tomlab

Finis TasbyWhat My Blues Are All About, Electro-Fi Records

Firefly Made Me Glad, The Orchard

First GenerationParty Mix Volume 1, First Generation Entertainment Ltd.

First Republic – A Day Before Silence, BBS Records

Flamme 2 La RimeJe T’aime Plus Que Tout Au Monde, Indie

Flickershow – Drawing A Blank, Indie

FocuspullerThe Place We Dicsovered, Indie

Folkalarm 5, Poverty Playlist

Foolish Behaviour – chalk It Up To Experience, Playfair Music Productions

40 SonsMadness, Indie

Fountain Of Vermouth – Tradgedy Of Birth, Olive guppy music

IV Play – Got it going on*****, Love Hit Music ’96]

14 Carrots Sold“See Ya In The Pit!”, Indie

49th Degree-1 EditionA New Generation of Gospel, Mekehla Music Group

Francis WangWhispers of Tranquility (Romantic Dulcimer & Orchetra), Northstead Music

Frank Ridsdale – Mod World Old World, Indie

Frank Ridsdale & Slugfest – The Port, Indie

Frank SpadoneThe Best For Now, Blue Shirt Entertainment Productions

Frank Westcott – Fly To Me In The Sun, Indie

Frankie Wilmot – Vision, I.M.A.J. Music Group

Frankie Wilmot – Dreader Than Dread, I.M.A.J. Music Group

Frayed – Good Old Days, Indie

Fraz – Hear, Mad Cow Records

Fred MagieE.P., Copper Productions

Fredlocks Asher – Wisdom, Global Music Village

Freefall – Blue Evening, Indie

Freeze & DoxxLet’s Be Famous, Listen Close Music Group

Freeze & DoxxSwagger Music, Listen Close Music Group

FreezeThe Big Chill, Listen Close Music Group

Freeze & DoxxUptown USA, Listen Close Music Group

FreshwaterAtypicalfriday, Thirsty Music

Freshwater Trade – Well-Remembered Shore, Indie

Fritz Helder & The PhantomsGreatest Hits, House Of Helder

Fruteland JacksonBlues 2.0, Electro-Fi Records

Fruteland JacksonTell Me What You Say, Electro-Fi Records

Full Fathom Four – full fathom four, Indie

Full Nine – Full Nine, Full Nine Music

Fuller – Fuller, Advance Records

Futures PastA Tragic Hero, Indie

Futures PastIf Beauty Had A Name, Indie


GQuest – It’s Time, Plated Records

Gabe Lee – Haunted Hollowbody, Tight Lip Tunes

Gabriel Morin – 11 Hits Volume 1, GMR Records

Gail Fricker – To Catch A Tale****, Drama Alive

Gail Fricker – To Tell A Tale****, Drama Alive

Garden Of Eden – Palestinity, Sony Israel

Gary BoyleCountry At Heart, Indie

Gary Boyle & Cathy TrueloveBack To Back, Indie

Gary KendallDusty & Pearl, 47 Records

Gelvi Urribarri – El Rey Esta Vivo, O.F. Records

George GaoMy Favorite Tunes, Indie

George Hewison and Musical Friends – Uncharted Waters, Indie

Gerry Thompson – I’m Glad To Be Home Again, Indie

Gerry Thompson – Just A Closer Walk, Indie

Gerry Thompson – The Equalizer (God Isn’t Through With Me Yet), Indie

Gershon WachtelPlays Into Your Heart, Indie

Gershon WachtelFrom My Heart To Yours, Indie

Gib MonksBoulevard de Clichy, Indie

Girls Are ShortEarly American, Upper Class Recordings

Girls Are ShortEarlynorthamerican, Upper Class Recordings

Gipsy – “Gipsy”, Indie

Gipsy – Flamenco Sur, Indie

Glen Morrow Mews – Oh Five ‘Til We Die…, Indie

Glen Reid – Wildcats Howlin’, Royston Road Music

GlitterhutchFuzzy White Cover, Indie

Globus And Decibel – Globus And Decibel, Swinging Axe Productions

Gloria Blizzard – Gloria Blizzard, Stormy Night Music

Gloria Downer Pearson – Dare To Dream, Indie

Goat HornVoyage To Nowhere, Indie

Godwin Glasgow – Lead Me To The Rock, Indie

Gold Spade – Buy My Album, Nasty North Records 2000

Gone & Ruined – drifting minds forever, Gone & Ruined Music

Gordon MonahanSpeaker Swinging & Piano Mechanics, Indie

Gordon MonahanTheremin in the Rain, Indie

Gospel of JohnGospel of John, JAM Music Production

Grande Bouche – Swingtette, Sensation Records/Verve/Universal

Gray M. – Serotone, Eye Queue Productions

Green Palm RadiationGreen Palm Radiation, Indie

Greenfield MainBarnburners & Heartchurners, Kelp Records

Greg English – O Canada, Indie

Greg Hannah – All I’m Takin’ Is Your Time, Indie

Greg MacLachlan – Everyone’s Got It Wrong, Indie

Greg Runions Group – But Not Forgotten, GRind

Gregory Hoskins & the Stickpeople – Surgery, A Label of Love Records

Grievous AngelsHanging Songs, Jimmy Boyle Records

GrimskunkFieldtrip, Freeding Ground Recordings / Indica Record

GritzFlow With Me, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Groove CorporationRecord Prophets, Indie

Groove SymphonyEmbers, Al Sando Music

GroundwaveMankind, Indie

Gunned DownGunned Down, Indie

Gus PapasShake The Devil, Indie

GypsyNew Flamenco, Indie


Hadrian’s Wall – On The Fly, Waxworx Publishing Ltd.

Haggarty Sound Studio Session Band – Hockey Town, The Peterborough Examiner, Canadian Hockey Enterprises

Halou – we only love you, Bedazzled Records

Halou – Singles Club, Bedazzled Records

Handle Keep On Turning, Indie

Hardtack & HarmonyBoys Of Company C****, Indie

Hardtack & HarmonyCall To Arms, Indie

HardtailsHardtails, Indie

Harley Blues – Just Another Garage Band, Frog Mountain Productions

Harley CardNon Fiction, Indie

Harley Symington – Don’t Talk, Rawlco Radio

Harmonica Shah Blues Band (featuring Howard Glazer)Tell It to Your Landlord, Electro-Fi Records

Harmonica Shah with Special Guest Mel Brown & Willie “Big Eyes” SmithListen At Me Good, Electro-Fi Records

Harold Potten – City Loves Country, Indie

Harrison KennedyHigh Country Blues, Electro-Fi Records

Harrison KennedyOne Dog Barkin’, Electro-Fi Records

Harrison KennedyShame The Devil, Electro-Fi Records

Harrison KennedySoulscape, Electro-Fi Records

Harrison KennedyWho U Telling?, Electro-Fi Records

Haruna survival – Taxi Driver, Mad Dog

Hats off To Mary – 3rd Floor Balcony, Indie

Have a Waxer ChristmasSeasons Greetings, Organic Expressions Entertainment

Hayat NazamiQawwali A Musical Journey, Bajaj Films

Heather DaleThe Trial of Lancelot, Amphisbaena Music

Heather DaleCall The Names, Amphisbaena Music

Heather DaleThis Endris Night, Amphisbaena Music

Heather DaleMay Queen, Amphisbaena Music

Heather DaleThe Hidden Path (live & rarities), Amphisbaena Music

Heather DaleThe Gabriel Hounds, Amphisbaena Music

Heather DaleThe Green Knight, Amphisbaena Music

Heather DaleThe Road To Santiago, Amphisbaena Music

Heather KatzTell Mama, Indie Pool

Helen Medwedeff Greenberg – Magic Breath, Toreador Records

Helen Steiner Rice – Musical Moment Series, Oak Tree Productions Inc.

Hell Billys – Tied To A Rocket, High Romance Music Ltd.

Hellacaust – Dark Age Descending, Bloodbucket Productions

Hellbound ’713 Weeks Ago On Sunday, Indie

Hemloxoup – Live at 11:11 At The Shot, HMX Records

Hemloxoup – Souvenir, Hemlock Music

Herald Nix – Open up the Sky, Supermono Records

Hermans EndThis Could Be A Book, Mack Music

Hermans EndBit By Bit, Mack Music

Hermetic Music Commission – … In Sound Is …, Supermono Records

Hev’s Duties – Bomb Level Again, Bomb Records

HibernateAway, Indie

Hidden EchoHidden Echo, Indie

High Waters – Heard It All Before, Indie

Hi-Life Bash 1 – Dance Hall Style, Natro Productions

HillBlue, Hill Kourkoutis

HillBang!, PuckEye Records

Himig Pilipino Choral Ensemble – Ala-Ala, Celebrating 20 Years Of Music, Indie

HmuraPassion, Storm Cloud Record Company

Holland Marsh Christian School – He is alive!, Indie

Holly Go Lightly – means in your possession, Indie

Holm – Still Dreaming, Digital Plumbing

Holoscene – Nothing Is The End Of Everything, Son / Lumiére 001

Holy Cross School Choir – Somebody’s Knockin’…We Are All Called, Indie

Home for the Headlines – Cutting on Paper Plates With Plastic Forks and Knives, Paragon Music

HoneyBoy Dupree & The Smoke House Players – Anybody Seen My Baby?, Indie

Hooded FangTosta Mista, Daps Records

Hooflug and the Rock Collector – Hooflug and the R.C., Indie

Hope Fellowship – Journey of Hope, Indie

Horde Of WormsHorde Of Worms***, Bloodbucket Productions

Horde Of WormsDreams And Dying Eyes, Bloodbucket Productions

Horde Of WormsWormageddon, Bloodbucket Productions

Horde Of WormsThe Uncreation, Bloodbucket Productions

HorizonSongs From the Edge, One Voice Productions

House of VelvetOur Time, Indie

Howard Gladstone Sunflowers Light The Room, Indie

Howard Gladstone Candles on the River, Indie

Howard Gladstone The Breath In The Wind, Indie

HucksterDesigned for Real Life, Indie

Human Disorder – Twisted Sane, Can of Smashed Assholes Prod.

Human KindIt will All End In Tears, Indie

HumshuttleHumshuttle, Indie

Hundred Mile HouseChoke Chain Therapy, Higher Ground Entertainment

Hung Up Scarecrows – Having A Marvy Time, Stemwall Records

Hungama – T.M.A., Sound Tracks Mus. Connection

Hurly Burly Early Music EnsembleSyng We In Thys Hall, Indie

Hurtin Blues BandPiece Of Cake, Itsa Music Company

Hurtin Blues BandMouse, Itsa Music Company

Hush BabyStyle on Cool, Indie


Ian Nagoski – Warm Coursing Blood, Colorful Clouds for Acoustics

IbadanDo It, JuPeter Records

Ida MarieI Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked, “Skywalkers Radio Remix”, produced by Ken Lewis & Brent Kolatalo, The Island Def Jam Music Group

Igor P.Project – Virtual Hunting, Sababa Records

IllateaseBurn The City, Indie

Illicit PulseEmpires, Indie

In Our Hearts – IClass Of 2000, Indie

In Silent CodeWash Days Blues, Indie

Ina Unt InaAll Sides Of Ina, Indie

Insights DiscoveryMusic for the Eight Types, Insights

InsurgentInsurgent Inc., Subvision Records

In The Ditch – In The Ditch, JaJa Records

Ina Hedderson – Right on Time, Indie

Inês HenriquesTu és…, Indie

Infinity – the perseids, Planet Records

Inner Voice – Riding the Glory Train, VMS Production

Insights DiscoveryMusic for the Eight Types, Insights

InterstellarToSleepToDreamToWake, Plan Eleven

Interzone – Cydonia, Utopian Vision Music

iO – Strange Tales From the Urban Circle, Dragonfly Productions

IoniaEP, Ionia Music

ISaxInterpretation, Jah Mix Productions

Israel’s Lost Tribes – Passionate Rhythms of Nature, Asafo Productions


J. Nichole Noel – Verse… The Power of the Spoken Words in Music, The Write Words Production & Publishing

Jack DOntario Motel, Indie

Jack De Keyser6 string Lover, Blue Star Records

Jack De KeyserDown in the Groove, Blue Star Records

Jack De KeyserSilver Blues, Blue Star Records

Jack De KeyserBlues Thing, Blue Star Records

Jack De Keyser6 String Lover, Blue Star Records

Jack Zorawski Trio – First Train, Indie

Jacques YamsAfrica Belongs To You, Shego Records

Jacques YamsJe Ne Te Quitterai Jamais, Shego Records

Jacquie Drew Red Hot Candy Heart, Indie

JacquotLes Fourmis*, Addison Wesley Publishers

Jacquot Curriculum-Based Songs For French Volume 1, Musique Jacquot 2003

JacquotCurriculum-Based Songs For French Volume 2, Musique Jacquot 2003

JacquotLearning French Through Songs And Gestures-Volume 1, Musique-Editions Jacquot 1992

Jadea KellySecond Spring, Indie

Jake – Army Of Love, Reunion/Zomba

Jake LangleyDoug’s Garage, Radioland Jazz/Verve

Jake LangleyNon Fiction, Tonepoet Records

Jake LangleyDiggin In, Alma/Universal

Jake LangleyHere And Now, Independent

Jakie YoungBeth Torah’s Jakie Sings, Beth Torah Congregation – Toronto

Jakie YoungYachad Na’amod (Together We Stand), Indie

Jam ToastRock n’ roll Playground, Indie

James Levac & Calvin Preddie – This Is Our Canada, Calpre’ Enterprises

Jamie Bonk Jamie Bonk, Bonk Productions

Jamie BonkA Perfect Tomorrow, Bonk Productions

Jamie BonkMy World, Bonk Productions

Jamie Browning Band Immoral Of The Story, Music Media Network

Jamie DraytonChristmas in Oakville, Drayton Productions

Jamie Warren – Fallen angel*****, Mercury/River North

Jamie JonesCelebrity Music, X-Posure Entertainment

Jamil – Always On A Tightrope, Indie

Jana Lee Reid – Jana Lee Reid, Planet Records

Jane McCullough – Evangeline The Musical, Indie

Janine Gwendoline Smith – Love Lives Inside, Beyond Fifth Plane Music

Jared LutesWaiting On You, Jared Lutes Music

Jarmo Jalava & the Vagrant SpiritsHole in the Sky, Indie

Jarmo JalavaRites of Passage, Indie

Jason Walter – Cat Scan Rendezvous****, Tuxpseudo Music

Jason WilsonThe Peacemaker’s Chauffeur, Wheel Records/Ochiltree

Jason Wilson & TabarrukJonah, Wheel Records

Jason Wilson & TabarrukDread & Blue: A Canadian Suite, Wheel Records

Jax Pre Face – Chapterwood, Deadsix Communications

Jay Clark and the JonesHomefires Burning, Death Of Cash Records

Jay Linden – Blue Skies of September, Satchel

Jay McGee – I Hear Foot Steps, Beacon Records

Jay McGee – No Walls, Beacon Records/Cousin Maries Music

Jayme Stone & Mansa SissokoAfrica To Appalachia, Indie

JD VishusAlleycat Sensibilities, Indie

Jean SeverinChanges in Tyme, Jako Productions

Jeanine Mackie and the BluetonesRight Here, Right Now, Indie

Jeen O’BrienCan’t Get It Out Of My Head, So Star Struck

Jeff Bird(the original motion picture soundtrack) Rink, Indie

Jeff HealeyAdventures In Jazzland, HealeyOphonic Records

Jeff HealeyAmoung Friends, Sensation Records/Verve/Universal

Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards – It’s Tight Like That Stony Plain Records

Jeff HealeyMess Of Blues, Stony Plain Records/Ruf Records

Jeff HealeySongs From The Road, Stony Plain Records/Warner Music

Jeff HealeyLast Call, Stony Plain Records/Warner Music

Jeff Jones – In Concert At Glenn Gould Studio, Live Unity Productions

Jeff Martin & The Toronto Tabla EnsembleLive In Brisbane 2006, Indie

Jeff StrakerPetrified, Indie

Jennifer LFOSongs From The Alien Beacon, Indie

Jerome GodbooDeja Vu Baby, Independent

Jerome GodbooLive In Tel-Aviv 2002, Indie

Jerome GodbooHumdinger, Indie

Jerome GodbooRooting Out My Devils, Indie

Jerrold Bubyk QuartetThe Way You See It, Indie

Jesters Destiny – T.B.A., T.B.A.

Jesus Of The CrossRemembering the Crucified One, Indie

Jesse David WeeksSomewhere In The Distance, Indie

Jett Black Raven – Jett Black Raven, Wednesday Society Productions

JezibelleCast The First Stone, Indie

Jim Brenan – The Spectre (with Chris Andrew, Rubim de Toldo & Ron Samson), Indie

Jim Clayton’s GreenhouseMuskoka, Indie

Jim ClaytonJim Clayton: trio/quartet/quintet, Clayton Music Services

Jim Clayton TrioStandards, Volume One, Indie

Jim DixApply Sparingly, Rinse Well, I. R. Diculous Music

Jim Fay – Nowhere To Bide, Indie

Jimmy Allen’s Ant Farm – e.p., Indie

Jimmy Bowskill Band Old Soul, Festival

Jimmy Bowskill BandSoap Bars & Dog Ears, Festival

Jimmy BowskillJimmy Bowskill, Festival

Jo Deslippe Quintet – Our Love is Here to Stay, Indie

Joanna Jordan – Clazzic, Clazz Musical Productions

Joao Neves – Vagabundo Da Cancao, Soul Records

Joe BuddenTouch N Go, Indie

Joe Budden feat. The GameThe Future, Indie

Joe Bulger – Remembering Today, Indie

Joe Hall – Travelling Without Deodorant-The Best Of Joe Hall (1972-1988), Cordova Bay/Ragged Pup Records

Joe NolanBring Me A Candle, Indie

Joe NolanPocket Dreams, Indie

John AlonsoThe Gift, Montage Music

John AlonsoRemember When, Montage Music

John CampbellLove Is The Answer, Emagine Music Inc.

John Eccleston – The Day Johnny Cash Died, Indie

John GaoRomance Of Bamboo And Silk, Indie

John Highley – The Light Is Always There, Indie

John Jackson – Takin’ My Own Sweet Time, Humble Records

John Mars – Whasup?, Blue Star Records

John McCabe – John McCabe, Kiwi Records, Inc.

John Rowley – The Sublime & The Absurd, Gravy Records

John SimsPalomino, Bedazzled Records

John Thomas – Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Indie

Johnny LawsBlues Burnin’ In My Soul, Electro-Fi Records

Johnny Max BandRide and Roll, Pour Soul Records

Johnny Max BandA Lesson I’ve Learned, Pour Soul Records

Jon Coakley and One Metric Tonne – Hair Like Roots, Duffs Music

Jon Levine Band – ground-tied – Maple Music/Universal

Jonah Cristall-ClarkeNonet, Indie

JoonJoon, Mama Papa Records

Jordan O’Connor“Fragments” Vol. One, The Breath Records

Jorge Estrada Lopez – Esto es Guatemala…en Marimba pura!, Indie

Josh X-an-tus feat. Jadikiss, Let’s Ride, M USA ENTERTAINMENT

Josh X-an-tus – In Love With 2, M USA ENTERTAINMENT

Joshua Goodman QuintetArrival, Indie

Josue Vargas – No Soy El Mismo, Indie

Joydrop – Sometimes Wanna Die , Acoustic & French Pop Remixes, Tommy Boy/BMG

JP-BuseLe Roi Des Rois, Congo-Kin

Jubilee 2000 – Celebrate! It’s Jubilee! – Thank You Christ Our King, Peterborough Victoria Northumberland & Clarington Catholic District School Board

Jukejoint – Organic Matter, Zootsuit Records

Julian FauthSongs of Vice and Sorrow, Electro-Fi Records

Jumple – Jigy-Jigy, Indie

June Garber – Smile, 7 Arts Ent.

JuneytOcean, Indie

Junior Santos – Soy Yo, Indie

Just Think – Haunted By Waters, RSG Records

Justin HinesChasing Silver, Orange Lounge Records/Universal Records

Justo LuisThings Said and Done, Indie



K.C. Messick – Highway, Indie

K.K. Kabobo – Onyame Ehuwo, Indie

K. Mizutani – Transcend Sideways, Artware Products

Kaitee Dal PraAutumn Rust, Indie

Kaminari – Triangle, Indie

Kanenhi:ioga-na-he-o, Indie

Kanenhi:ioGood Seeds, United One Records

Kan’NalKan’Nal, Acoustic Trance Records

Karen GoldDamsel in Distress, Refrain Records

Karen KosowskiWish On A Star, Indie

Karl “Cannonball” Bryan – Music Forever, Listen Up Production

Karl “Cannonball” Bryan – Special Friend, Melody Sweet Music

Karyn Ellis – Telling Stories, Ava Music

Kate Ashby-Craft – The Heart And The Mind, Poplar Records

Kate Rogers Band – EP 2007, Indie

Kathy Covert Jensen – A Little Wiser, BMI/Blueberry Tunes/Jenson Mountain, Inc.

Katrocket – Colours On The Inside, Hoodwink Records

Kayak Angst – Kayak Angst**** ScAFoLD Records

Kelly AlannaAll In Good Time, The Alberta Foundation For The Arts

Kelly MI Really Want You Bad, Indie

Kelly SlatteryThat Line Between The Earth And The Sky, Independent

Kemer Yousuf – Gumaata, Ciroo Abbaa Cabsii

Kemer Yousuf – Shaggoyee Master, Indie

Kendal SullivanThis Time, Sullivan Sound Ideas

Kennel District – Red 44, Socan/BMI

Kennel District – Distance Delays, Noise Factory Records

Kennel District – Glass of Same Drink, Noise Factory Records

Kenny Neal Jr.The Best Of Bounce, Pangea Project Music

Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne88th & Jump Street, Electro-Fi Records

Keristan VaughanAwake in Love, Indie

Kerris Oates That Song She Sang…, Kasah Music

Ketch Harbour WolvesDead Calm Horizon, Indie

Kevin BreitEmpty, Poverty Playlist

Kevin BreitFolkalarm, Poverty Playlist

Kevin BreitMaybelle, Poverty Playlist

Kevin BreitSkedaddle, Poverty Playlist

Kevin BreitBurnt Bulb on Broadway, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Breit & The Sisters EuclidLive at The Orbit Room, Seven Years Of Mondays, Poverty Playlist, Original Spin Media Inc.

Kevin Breit & The Sisters EuclidOther Folks, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Breit & The Sisters EuclidAll Babies Go To War, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Breit & The Sisters EuclidSunday Best, Poverty Playlist

Kevin Carley & The Handsome LiarsDose of the Blues, Kevin Carley & The Handsome Liars

Kevin ClarkKevin Clark’s Jazz Kitchen, Indie

Kevin Cooke Ain’t The Weather Strange, Limited Capitol Records

Kevin Griffin – Never Ending Silence, Griffin Country Showcase

Kevin MarkRolling The Dice, Blue Hog Productions

Killers Favorite Cartoon – Te Voy A Matar, All Sane No Brains Music

Kill The LightsBuffalo Of Love, Maple/Universal

Kill The LightsFog Area, Indie

Kill Cheerleader – All Hail, Spinerazor/Corporate Punishment

Kim Addison – Born To Be Blue, Indie

Kim DoolittleTouch Wood, Indie

Kim FastMissing the Mistletoe, Rawlco Radio

King Alleyne RothIt Might As Well Be Spring, 7 Arts Entertainment

King CosmosFire!!!, Dagga

Kirk ReedKirk Reed, Indie

Kitty’s Kitchen – Traditional Irish Songs And Tunes, Indie

K. K. Kabobo – The Best Of K. K. Kabobo, Main Distribution

K. Mizutani – Transcend Sideways, Artware Products

Kozmik Babylon – Kozmik Babylon, Indie

Kristen ClarkKisses To You…, Indie

Kruger Brothers Choices, Double Time

Kruger Brothers Travel the Gravel, Double Time

Kruger Brothers Up18North, Double Time

Kruger Brothers Christmas Magic with the Kruger Brothers, Double Time

Kubota & Sutherland – Cross Rhythm And White Noise, The BarKing Boys Music Co.

Kyn – Ragged By Design, Indie


La tona – El Rebotante, Indie

Lady Luck – Lady Luck, T.O.F Productions


Lance Ware – Heart & Soul Meditations, Living Peace Music

Larry Doyle – Dances Upon The Wind, Ear Relevant

Lee Carr feat. Yung JocPatron (Rhythm & Nuvo), Third Eye Music

LatefallenLatefallen, Indie

LatefallenConscience Called In Sick, Indie

Laura Cesar – Windrose, Indie

Laura HubertLive At The Rex, Girlish Days Records

Laura Lavery – The Beginning…, Indie

Laura Maria – Homenaje a Tu Amor, Producciones Adissa

Laura Maria – Pecado Mortal, AMSA Productions Incs.

Laura Nashman / Michael Moon- Above the Sound of Gravity, Fluteworks

Laura NashmanCeltic Lullababy, Fluteworks

Laura Nashman and FriendsSeasons of Love, Fluteworks

Laura Nashman /John ArpinThe French Connection, Fluteworks

Laurance Tan – I Will, MoonLake Tiger Productions, Inc.

Laurance Tan – Songs from the album I Will, MoonLake Tiger Productions, Inc.

Laurance Tan – Next Planet To Tibet, MoonLake Tiger Productions, Inc.

Laurance Tan – Sounds of the Tyger, MoonLake Tiger Productions, Inc.

Leah State – Still, The Breath Records

Lee Matthieu – Should I?, Indie

Lenny SolomonAfter You’ve Gone, Indie

Lenny Solomon Transparency, Indie

Leon Kingstone – Familiar, Borderland Records

Leona Boyd – A Guitar For Christmas, Moston Productions

Leroy Sibbles – Rock & Come On, Eppic Music Publishing & Entertainment

Lesley PikeBlink, Indie

Lester QuitzauSo Here We Are, LQ Productions

Lester QuitzauKeep On Walking, LQ Productions

Lester QuitzauA Big Love, LQ Productions

LevirideLeviride, Indie

Li – Soul Mates, Indie

Lickpenny LoaferIntroducing Lick Penny Loafer, Indie

LiftedSitting On High, Indie

Like Heroes – Momentum***, Indie

Like Heroes – Pop Machine, Indie

Lil’ Dave ThompsonGot To Get Over You, Electro-fi Records Inc.

LilaMyth & Myrrh, A Tom Graham Production

Lily FrostBeing Erica Theme, Orange Record Label

Linda MontesaSoirée, Americus Records, Inc.

Lindi Ortega The Drifter EP, (Interscope)

Little Bobby and The Jumpstarts – Tickets in the Glove Box, Green Bullet Productions

Little Mack SimmonsSomewhere On Down The Line, Electro-fi Records Inc.

Little Mack SimmonsThe Best Of…, Electro-fi Records Inc.

Little Mack SimmonsThe PM/Simmons Collection, Electro-fi Records Inc.

Little Mack SimmonsThe Best Of Little Mack Simmons-The Electro-Fi Years, Electro-fi Records Inc.

Little SundayDay of Hollow, AudioFX Music

Living HopeA Living Hope, Indie

LMT ConnectionUniversal Soul, Impression Records

Loganseed – Loganseed, Indie

LoGographtargeted marketing & strategic communications, Indie

Longdistance – Evergreen Hours, RoundTree Records

Longstory4 Young & Old, Indie

Long Tom & the Dusty Danglers – Fresh Country Cheese, Sextant Records

Looking For Heather – …Snow Park Way, Star-Lite Records

Lorenzo Mehari – Tesfa’ Leni, Indie

Lost CauseKill The Sickness Of Being, Indie

Lotus PositionLotus Position, Latticesphere

Lotus PositionAssume The Position, Lotus Position

Love You To DeathRecipe For A Ghost, Indie

Luco De Sedas & Juan Diego De Sedas – Si el Mar se volviera Ron, Champion Records

Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy – Nicaribe Soy, MA Productions

Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy – Tengo América en mi Voz, MA Productions

Luis LourençoEmoçöes, Indie

Luis LourençoChiquileta, Indie

Lula’s BirthmarkLula Birthmark, Y. I. Auda Music/Squealyworm Music

Lydia Opokuwaa – Me Dofo Jesus, G. Money Productions

Lynne Reid – Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Indie

Lyr-x-ist – The Krossing, Lyr-x-ist


m2p – Bahama My Home, m2p

Mad Life CrisisBlame It On The Moon, Mad Life Crisis

Madagascar Slim – Omni Source, Canada Council for the Arts

Madagascar Slim – Good Life Good Living, Canada Council for the Arts

Mae Moore and Lester QuitzauOh My!, Indie

Magda Papierz, Ola Turkiewicz & Zespót Wokalny Mavo Academy –Swieta Koleda Przyprószone, Sodrac

Maia KuzeThe City, SMK Productions

Maja S.K. Ratkje / Lasse MarhaugMusic for Faking, C3R

Making Contact – Making Contact, Indie

Mamabolo – Falling To Pieces, Indie

Man On EarthThe Time Spent Wondering, Indie

Man On EarthSomething Better, Indie

Mandy LaganI Thought About You, Lagan Music

Mandy LaganYou See Me, Lagan Music

Manervous BeatTechnotic, Viper Records

ManiakFast and Deadly, Bloodbucket Productions

MantlerLandau, Tomlab

Marc RogersLunas, Bashville Records

Marcel Aucoin Trio – Weird Cocktail, Indie

Marcello Puente – Mares y Barrios, Puente-Espil Productions

Marchildon! – ……i gotsa know (Volume One), Purple Hill Records

Marianna RashkovetskyBach French Suites and Partitas, Americus Records

Mariella – A Yarda Mia, M.P. Productions

Marina SurganLive (51 original piano pieces for ballet class), Indie

Marina Surgan20 Greatest Classical Variations, Indie

Marina SurganLive 2 Class with Tatiana Tchernova (Ballet Class Music For All Levels), Indie

Mark Bird StaffordHarpspace, Lily Jean Records

Mark Edwards – Personal Content – The Unique Condition Of Self, WV Music

Mark Fox – Street Singin’, Independent

Mark HummelGolden State Blues, Electro-Fi Records

Mark HummelBlowin’ My Horn, Electro-Fi Records

Mark HummelAin’t Easy no More, Electro-Fi Records

Mark Hummel’s Harmonica Blowout – Still Here and Gone 1993 – 2007, Electro-Fi Records

Mark Slater – Wealth Building Strategies Business Owners Should Know, Indie

Markham GangSpare Time, JazzCan Music

Mars Global Real Estate Marketing CDMars Discovery District, Indie

Martha’s TroubleThe Road Ahead, Aisling Records

Martha’s TroubleTale of a Foreigner, Midwest Records

Martin Alex AucoinSo Far, Indie

MartinWorks – Special Edition All Instrumental Vol II, MartinWorks

MartinWorks – Special Edition All Instrumental Vol III, MartinWorks

MartinWorks – Special Edition-All Instrumental Vol IV , MartinWorks

MartinWorks – Unheard Movie Music Montage, MartinWorks

MartinWorks – Unheard Volume 11-Light to Dark, MartinWorks

MartinWorks – Unheard Volume 3-Mood Swings, MartinWorks

MartinWorks – Unheard Volume 4-New Recruits, MartinWorks

MartinWorks – Unheard Volume 5-The Beat Goes On, MartinWorks

MartinWorks – Unheard Vol 6-Special Edition All Instrumental , MartinWorks

Marvia Providence Shabach Internationsl Praise & Worship Live, Explorer Recording Company

Marvia Providence Thank You, Explorer Recording Company

Mary Enid Haines – Soprano, Indie

Mary Panacci – Concert Selections: Broadway, Opera, Pop, Jazz, Indie

Mary’s Fire – That’s What She Said, Indie

Masochistic Religion – The Litanies Of Satan, Truly Diabolic Records

Mass of Jubilee – ElizabethAnderson – Kola Owolabi, The Church of the Holy Rosary

Masters.and.ModernsWasted.Skylines, Indie

Matthew-Aaron Dusk Live In Concert, Royal Crown Records

Matthew-Aaron DuskThe Way It Is, Royal Crown Records

Matt DuskCool Yule, Decca/Universal

Matt DuskMiracle, Decca/Universal

Matt DuskTwo Shots, Decca/Universal

Matt DuskPeace On Earth, Decca/Universal

Matt Dusk Live From Las Vegas (2010), STILETTO Entertainmentr

Matt Masters – Cennential Swell, Dollartone Records

Matt NewtonPush, Fire Town Music

Matthew MaaskantBelieve It Or Not, This Is The Place, Indie

Maureen Redden – Take Flight, Indie

Maurice Gordon – Irie Mood, Irie Music Socan

Maxine Mann – Bred in the Bone, Indie

Maybrick – Duck and Cover, Indie

Maz FusionCome To Me, Indie

MC AK – I Wonder, 101st Airbourne Productions

MC AK – Think Before You Act, 101st Airbourne Productions

MC AK & Kane – We Wicked, 101st Airbourne Productions

MC AK – Presents “Underwide” , 101st Airbourne Productions

MC AK & Slangston Hughes – Rearranged F.A.M., Vol. 1 , 101st Airbourne Productions

McCaffrey – Smooth & Tropic, Duiseacht Music

McClean & MacLeanBig Road Blues, CBC Radio 2

Mean Steve Piano – Wreck, BAH

Mean TangerinePeels, Indie

MejaMichael Evans + Jeff Arnal, C3R

Mel BrownNeckbones And Caviar, Electro-Fi Records

Mel Brown (and the Homewreckers) Blues – A Beautiful Thing, Electro-Fi Records

Mel Brown/Snooky PryorDouble Shot, Electro-Fi Records

Mel Brown – The DVD, Electro-Fi Records

Melissa StylianouSlim’s Joint, Slim’s joint Music

Melissa StylianouIt Never Entered My Mind…, Slim’s Joint Music

Mellonova – The Hydromantic e.p., BAPP

Melwood Cutlery – Overstepping The Boundaries, Dish Stack Records

Mesh – Critical, Indie

Messengers – Réveillé (Volume 1), Indie

Metheus BoundStirring the Insides, Indie

Michael Herring’s Vertigo featuring David Binney Coniferous Revenge, Independent

Michael & JelloI Wish My Nose Was A Chocolate Bar, Michael Anderson

Michael & JelloMonkey See Monkey Do, Michael Anderson

Michael & JelloWhat’s Shakin’?, Michael Anderson

Michael Jones Almost Home, Pianoscapes

Michael MoonDance of the Deep, Michael Moon Kambanis

Michael MoonDeep Peace, Michael Moon Kambanis

Michael MoonSurrender, Michael Moon Kambanis

Michael Beauclerc – The Mad Practice Pad, Indie

Michael Ketemer – Yellow Stockings, Indie

Michael PickettSolo, Wooden Teeth Records

Michael TheodoreThe Truth About Love And Tragedy, Indie

Michele MeleLaugh, Indie

Michele MeleFeel, Indie

Michele MeleNaked on the Rocks, Indie

Michelle Hundt – Tomorrow, Gypsyrock Music

Midnite Walk – Take A Walk!, Indie

Mike FerfoliaOne Off, PSR Music Productions

Mike Gyamfi – Sloopy, A.I.P.P. Music

Mike HallHave Guitarz…Will Travel, Indie

Mike Kalambay – 7 Jour…, Kin Express Productions

Mike Lewis – Until Then, Crazy Mikes

Mike LipkinOne Life, One Meeting, Indie

Mike Sharp – June, Sliver Records

Mike WhitlaEarly Morning Knee-Slappin’ Tunes, Rainbow Songs Inc.

Mike WhitlaElephants Have Wrinkles, Rainbow Songs Inc.

Mike WhitlaDinostory, Rainbow Songs Inc.

Mimi and the Groove Add-XLounge Rock, Indie

Mindbender – Fantasyland Before Time, Futurecho Records

MinorityThe Soldiers Of Fortune EP, Indie

Mirobolus String TrioScratching The Surface, Anaglyph Records

Misara Ghandi – “Some of my Dreams”, Indie

Miss Angel with Mel Brown & The Homewreckers – That’s the Way I Tumble, Electro-Fi Records

Mista CronksThe Unforgettable EP, Coalition Entertainment

Mit CityWhat’s Wrong With AdLib?, Indie

M.O. & Geothermal MC – String Games, Indie

Model MFreedom From Want, Indie

MojahOn Moruga Road, Indie

Moksha Yoga To Go – 90 Minute Class on 2 cds (with co-founder Jessica Robertson), Indie

Moksha Yoga To Go – 60 Minute Class on 1 cd (with co-founder Ted Grand), Indie

Molten Blue – Telling Time, Copper Music

Molten Blue – Vote For Orb!, Copper Music

Monica And Friends – Sing Showtunes, Indie

Monique Barry – ‘Moody’, Indie

Monkey – Monkey, Indie

Monkey HouseBig Money (singles remasters rarities 1992-2005), Green Dolphin Music

Monkey HouseHeadquarters, Green Dolphin Music

Monster AmericaE.P., Hoefler Music

Moon DancerSoul Dream Manifestation, Indie

Morgan DavisBlues Medicine, Electro-Fi Records

Morgan DavisHogtown Years, Indie

Morgan DavisPain Killer, Electro-Fi Records

MoulannIntroflective, Indie

MoulannSpirals & Mazes, Indie

Moxy Fruvous – Sad Girl, radio edit from the album Thornhill – True North Records

Mr. Johnny Pennino – Mr. Johnny Pennino, MT Productions

Mr. Yum – Maybe Less Everything Else (Ane Then MoreMe)?, Indie

MultiplexMultiplex, Senton-Recordings

Mugwump – Mugwump, Cyclocybe Records

Murder By StaticThe Art Of Perplexity, Deadsix Communications

Murder By StaticNoise Pollution in Stereo, Deadsix Communications

Murder By StaticPsychotronic Motel, Deadsix Communications

Murder By StaticTidal Bits, Deadsix Communications

Murder By StaticDanceland Dead, Deadsix Communications

Musical PoetryVolume 2, Iridescent Music

Mustafa Al Sunni – Ommi Salam, Indie


Naming Mary – Kiki, Wintermute

Nana Tuffour – Sankofa, G. Money Productions

Nana Tuffour – Sankofa Vol. 2, G. Money Productions

Nana Tuffour – Mega Vibes, Megastar

Nancy Despot – Left Of Memphis, Noise Factory

Nancy Kraus – His Love is Real, Palm River Productions

Nancy Rathlou – Timeless Energy, Indie

Nando Di Prete – Ricordi, Indie

Narucki-Feinberg-Randall Extraordinary Vistas (Words & Music of The MacDowell Colony), Americus Records, Inc.

Natalie HughesOne Girl, Hearher Records

Natural Order – Starting Over, Black Gold Records

Natural Order – I Believe, Black Gold Records

Nav SaraoJust Us, Planet Recordz

Never Never – Destroying Angel, Quantum Records

New Nuclear Frontiers – Conference Proceedings 2009, Indie

Ndidi Onukwulu No, I Never, Jericho Beach Music/Festival

Ngoc Bich NganCung Thú, Moc Mac Melody

Ngoc Bich NganDem Bang Gia, Moc Mac Melody

Nicole Holness aka: X-QuisiteEpic, OP3 Music

Nikki Loney & Justin AbedinTourists in my Life, Indie

Nikki Loney & Justin AbedinLies and Accusations, Indie

Nikki Loney & Justin Abedin – Remixes – 765, D.A.M.,, pcdj phat, Visiosonic

Nimmons ‘N’ Braid – Beginnings, Indie

Nineteen JamesA Bottle Of Wine… On Tuesday Nights, Indie

Ninja High School, Young Adults Against Suicide, Tomlab

Njacko Backo & Kalimba KalimbaKakoua (don’t cry), Amok Artists

Njacko Backo & Kalimba KalimbaThe Conscience Of Africa, Amok Artists

Njacko Backo & Kalimba KalimbaBa Ba Oh, Indie

Njacko Backo – In the Spirit of the Drum, Vol. One Rhumba (DVD), Indie

Njacko Backo Ou Est L’Amour (Where Is The Love), Indie

No Measure No Measure, Indie

No StoneNo Stone, Indie

Noella ChoiRestless, Noella Choi & Yu Records

Noisecore Freak – …Murder By Static…, Deadsix Communications

Noisecore Freak – Corner Itch Theory, Deadsix Communications

Noisecore Freak – Experiments from the Rust Factory, Deadsix Communications

Noisecore Freak – My Mother The Anarchist, Deadsix Communications

Noize Control – Not Your Father’s Jazz, Big Noize Music

Norman Barlow – The Success Formula, Indie

Norman LiotaA Strange Voice, Indie

Norman LiotaBeneath These Skies, Indie

Norman LiotaOver The Wall, Indie

Northern Storm – Real Life, Northern Storm Productions

Nuno CristoMinha Terra Banzambira, Indie

Nuno CristoTravels in Lusomania, Indie


Obstructing Justice Obstructing Justice, Indie

Oceanship Oceanship, Indie

Oddball – Shutterbug, Indie

OGbay Mesfun – OGbay Mesfun, Awash

Old Mine Universe – Old Mine Universe, David W. Ertl Productions

Old Tyme Quartet – Old Tyme Quartet, Indie

Olivia Newton-JohnChristmas Wish, Compass Productions

Ollie J. Zern – Soul Mates, Ollie J. Zern Productions

Ollie J. Zern – Mamo Mamyhio, Ollie J. Zern Productions

O’LugeHard End, O’Luge Productions

O’Luge Movements, Last Gang Records

Omaha Lounge Band – The Omaha Lounge, Critter

One CrossKey Lime Cry, Indie

One CrossWelcome to the Real World…, MDS Records

One Step Beyond – osb e.p., Keta4 Music

One Step Beyond – osb, Outside Music / Mo’Funk Records

One Step Beyond – Life Out There, Outside Records

Onoscatopoeia (The hart House Jazz Choir)The EH List, Indie

Ontario Hypnosis Centre – Relax & Rejuvenate, Indie

Ontario Hypnosis Centre – Take Back Control & Change Your Habits, Indie

Ontario Securities CommissionDialogue with the O.S.C. 2002, Indie

Oru Rojaavin – Poraattam, Thamil Creators Of Canada

Otis Gayle – Follow Your Dreams, Rumenal Records

Out of the StormOut of the Storm, VMS Production

Out of your MouthDraghdad, ViK/BMG

Outbred InlawsTears run off Leather, Indie

Outbred InlawsJust One Shot, Indie

Outward Sound Ensemble Thunder in a Clear Sky, Discus

Owen Fernley – The Whispering Gallery, Indie


Pablo Dulce – Kind Of Blue Harmonica, The Jazz / Blues Workshop

Pablo TerryLife Is A Dream, Pablo Terry

Pablo TerryChristmas Flute, Pablo Terry

Pablo TerryThe Island, Pablo Terry

Painter – Strange As It Seems, Painter

Pale Fire UnionLiberation Inc., Indie

Pamplemousse – Unpeeled, Pamplemousse

Paolo – I’m Not Leaving, Mast Music Records

Paolo – Is Everbody Happy?!, Mast Music Records

Papa Fogals Chair – Two Faced Is Never Pretty, Ugly Spirit Records

Paper Angee – Observing Miss Spent****, Smudge Records

Pappy Johns Band – Blame it on Monday, Pappy Johns Band

Pappy Johns Band with Murray Porter – Full Circle, Pappy Johns Band

Pappy Johns Blues Band – Pappy Johns III (Havin’ A Good Time Now), Indie

Parade –Frustration, Plan Eleven

Parmela Attariwala Sapphire Skies, Hornblower Recordings

Partsunknown – Airshow, Dot Dash

Pascale Soucy – Pieces Of Me, Dream Vox Productions

Pat Carey’s Jazz Navigators – Starlight, Iridescent Music

Pat Thomas – Sika Nantee, Megastar

Patricia Jean Edge-Huff – Crystal Light Therapy (A Guided Meditation & Journey), Indy

Patricia Murray – Patricia Murray, Factor/Canadian Heritage

Patrizia – The Edge Of Emotion, Indie

Patrizia – I Am Patrizia, Indie

Patti Layne – Prairie Burn, Wolf Song

Paul DeBuono – More Than Just a Friend, Paul DeBuono

Paul GhezziAwaken Your Inner Genius ¥ Harness Your Pure Potential & Accelerate Your Success, Paul Ghezzi

Paul Ian Weir – Life Force Suite, Audioluscious Productions

Paul James BandAcoustic Blues, Mar Sol Music

Paul James BandLazy Crazy Blues, Mar Sol Music

Paul James BandLa Vie en Bleu, Mar Sol Music

Paul James BandLost In The Blues, Mar Sol Music

Paul LePageCloser To Home, Wolf Song

Paul OscherAlone With The Blues, Electro-Fi Records

Paul Sonier and the Blooze Hounds – Tails From The Dog Pound, Paul Sonier

Paula Griffith Chosen, PG Productions

Pelham Centre United ChurchA Time For Praise – Sing To The Lord, Pelham Centre United Church

Penn KempOn Our Own Spoke-Performance Poetry, Penn Kemp/Pendas Prod.

Percy Nils AdlerGood Morning, Indie

Pest(e) – Test(e), T.B.A.

Pete Cugno Christmas Time, Pete Cugno

Peter Gault, Amy Rachelle – A Psycho-Sexual Incantation, L.P.C. Group

Peter Monk Glorious Day, Peter Monk

Peter MurrayPeter Murray Vs. The Ants, Peter Murray

Peter Richards – Celestial Gateway, Red Dragon Productions

Peter Richards – The Wheel of Avalon, Red Dragon Productions

Peter RossettiPeter Rossetti, Ponder on the Hum Music

Peter Smith Quartet – Caliente & Cool, PoteSmote Music

Peter Smith QuartetYule Like This, PoteSmote Music

Peter Smith QuartetBlue & Green, PoteSmote Music

Peter Vox – Eclectric, Say Uncle! Productions

Peterborough Pop EnsembleHolly Jolly Christmas!, Indie

PetuniaThe Ugliest, Bitterest, Coldest, Dreary Place I’ve Ever Seen, Petunia

Phatt Al – The LoFI Factor, New Empire

Phe CullenThe Standards, Euphemia Records

Phe CullenPhe Cullen, United One Records

Phil Madsgaard – Talk About Your Good Times, Hmmm?, Indie

Phil MillsRain On The Sand, Indie

Phil Smith – Tribute-We Shall Always Remember From Where My Brother Calls My Name-9-11-01, Phil Smith

PholdeFinding Internal Asylum, C3R Records

Pierre ChiassonRiverside, Pierre Chiasson

Pink ShipsPink Ships, Pink Ships

Pizza Mind – Pizza Mind

P. J. PerryTime Flies, Featuring Bobby Shew, Justin Time Records

P.J. PerryTrio, Independent

Plains of Fascination –Join the Ranks, don’t blink music

Plasmatics – see Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics

Policies & ProceduresThe City Burns, Affluence Music Group

Por NadaPor Nada, Por Nada

Portraits In Jazz – A Tribute To Wes Montgomery, Radioland Enterprises

Power Beat – Power Beat, Newtek Music

Preacher – 10th Anniversary, Woodsy Records

Puddy – Sweetspot, Puddy

Pump Action Joe – Politics for Preskoolers, Pump Action Joe

Punjabi by NatureRaise The Roof, Punjabi by Nature

Purple Hill – Beechnut St., Purple Hill Records

Purple Hill – Bring On The Macho, Purple Hill Records

Purple Joe – The White Album, Indie

Purse – Furnace Dancing****, Tuxpseudo Music


Queen’s Bands – Past, Present and Future, The Tradition Continues, Queen’s Bands

Quin-Mo-Lac50th Anniversary Music Celebration, Quin-Mo-Lac


R7sharp11 – 2am, Smokey Joe’s, R Seven Sharp Eleven

R Generation – (Absolutely), Staxx of Traxx

R.A. Lautenschlager – Father’s Boots, Indie

R.A. Lautenschlager – Remember, Indie

R.A. Lautenschlager – Never Alone, Indie

R.A. Lautenschlager – Songs for Seasons, Indie

Race – Race, supermono records

Radiate – Alien Invasion***, Poptronik Inc.

Radio Hepcats – Radio Hepcats, Antarctic Press

Radio Nomad – Kalim Jamil (Beautiful Words), Radio Nomad

Radio Sasquatch – Trancendental Dam, Furry Butler Records

Rafeef ZiadahHadeel, Indie

Raffi Bedrosyan – Favorite Classics & Armenian Gems, Aldar Productions

Raging Hormones – Bare As You Dare, Indie

Raging Hormones – Smooch****, Indie

Rahman RajanKahani Brahma Baba, RR Productions

Rainbow SongsOh Baby!, Indie

Raphael Wressnig’s Organic Trio- Boom Bello!

Ramis Bet Shmoel – Pride Love, Indie

Random OrderDimples and Anti-Depressants, Indie

Randy SmithRight Now, Indie

Randy SmithNever Too Late, Indie

RaniIllusions of Lonliness, Indie

Raoul And The Big TimeBig Time Blues, Big Time Records

Rational Youth3 Remixes for the New Cold War, Energy Rekords

Rational YouthEverything is Vapour Money & Blood, Energy Rekords

Rational YouthBox Set – E.P., Coboloid Race, City of Night , Saturdays in Silesia, In Your Eyes, Energy Rekords

RatsiculeUn Chaud Combo, Indie

Raven – The Shockwave, Indie

Ray EdgeSoul Connection, Solar Records

Raymond Winston Hancock – Raymond Winston Hancock, Winsong Music

Rebecca Anne BanksSomething Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…, Tea at Tympani Lane Records

Rebecca Paul Rubog – Crying For Freedom, Indie

Red K. MadisonHonestly…, A-10-Tive Records

Red Light Green “Red Light Green”, Indie

Reflections – Meditations For The Mind, Haldimand Hills Spa

Relish – Relish, Indie

RenoMessed Up, Renosmusic

Resinators – Maximum Dub, Indie

Rest – In The Fire, The Upper Room

Retail Council of Canada – How May I Help You, Indie

Rev. Yawson – Fa Wo Ho Bo Nyame, Megastar

Reverend Michael O. Bonsu – Mpaebc Nnwom, Reverend Michael Bonsu

Reverend Michael O. Bonsu – Mpaebc Nnwom Vol. 2 + 3, Reverend Michael Bonsu

Reverend Michael O. Bonsu – Yesu wu mame & Awurade Gya Remix, Reverend Michael Bonsu

RevolveResolve, Indie

Richard Cranium – Richard Cranium, Indie

Richard FerenDescent of Ishtar, Plan Eleven

Richard SchillerThe Plastic Case Soundtrack, Indie

Richard SchillerHockey Rink Sad Songs, Indie

Rick CharbonneauMan Who Walks By Moonlight, Indie

Rick FieldingThis One’s The Dreamer, The Borealis Recording Co. Ltd.

Rick FinesArcadia, T.B.A.

Rick FinesSolar Powered, Indie

Rick Fines TrioRiley Wants His Life Back, Indie

Rick Fines & Suzie VinnickNothing Halfway, Indie

Rick Miller – The One, Indie

Rick Worrall – Colour Me Blue, Rick Worrall Music

Ricky Raccoon And Friends – Have a Happy Happy Day!, Zamion Entertainment

Ricky RumballDivine Blue, Green Dolphin Music

RighteousThe Administrator Of Truth, Cigah Music Inc.

Ring Cycle – Flame of Days, Supermono Records

Ring Cycle – Heart of Mind, Supermono Records

Rings of June – Rings of June, Indie

Rip Sanders – You’re the One Rose, Indie

RippedBlow Your Mind, Sextant/EMI

RiseBecoming, Rise Music

RiseStuck, Rise Music

Rise Above All The Noise, Rise Music

Rise – Light Of Day, Fishfood Records

Riviera RegimeThugz Of War, Landmine Entertainment

Rob Ursel + The House Doctors – Rx, Indie

Rob WrightFleur De Ma Vie, Wright Ideas Inc. Prod.

Rob WrightFlyer, Wright Ideas Inc. Prod.

Rob Wyatt – Lucky Disc, Ecstatic Records

Robbie Lane & The Disciples – Ain’t Dead Yet***, Chicken Records

Robert Davis & Snapping ToesI Dream of Pizza, Snapping Toes Music

Robert Davis & Snapping ToesGet Snappy, Snapping Toes Music

Robert HedgeHowling At The Sun, Black Box Records

Robert Strauss – Solo Performance, Indie

Robert L. Thrall & Karen Thrall Padgett – Jesus Of The Cross, Indie

Robin Seeram – TimelessMemories, Seeram Productions

Robin BanksModern Classics, Indie

Robyn PauhlRobyn Pauhl, Robyn’s Nest Productions Ltd.

Rock Star Scientist E.P., Omega-Tunage Records, Morrisville, NC

Rocket SurgeryMigrant, Indie

Rockit 88 BandToo Much Fun, 7 Arts Entertainment

Rocky GDefinition, Fool Shool Productions

Rodney Ronquillo – Distances, Indie

Roger O’Donnell – Grey Clouds Red Sky, Otisonic Records

Roger Scannura & Ritmo FlamencoSaracen****, Ritmo Productions

Roger Scannura & Ritmo FlamencoSolo Guitar***, Ritmo Productions

Roger Scannura & Ritmo FlamencoMedina, Ritmo Productions

Roger Scannura & Ritmo FlamencoMisterio, Ritmo Productions

Roger Scannura & Ritmo FlamencoEncore!, Ritmo Productions

Roger Scannura & Ritmo FlamencoNoche Flamenca, Ritmo Productions

Ron Hedland – Someday…, RH Positive Music

Ron Nigrini – Undisguised Hearts, Oasis Records

Ron SexsmithHow On Earth (Radio Single), Warner

Roots – The Spirit Of ’96, Indie

Roots – The Spirit Of ’96 Volume II, Indie

Roots – Hip Retro ’70’s, Indie

Ros – Water on the Moon, New Digital Media

Rosanne Baker Thornley – Courage*, Isba/Sony

Rosanne Baker Thornley – Don’t Take Me For Granted, Isba/Sony

Rosanne Baker Thornley – Get On The Lion, Isba/Sony

Rosanne Baker Thornley – Get On The Lion Album Masters: Part One, Isba/Sony

Rosanne Baker Thornley – Rosanne Baker Thornley, Isba/Sony

Rose Nadeau – The Night Was Silent, J & M Production

RosedaleGet Going, Indie

Route 66 – Route 66, Richter

Royal Rizow – Ghetto Dreamz, Act’N Bad Entertainment

Rudy Meeks – Merry Is The Fiddle, First Century Productions

Rubim de Toledo, Bomba Presents, seu SWING, Bomba

Rumba Gypsy Viajero, Indie

Running With Scissors – What If, Slipstream Music

Russian League – The Best Russian Dance Hits Collection, Sababa Records

Ruth Ann GalatasPiano Lady, Pacific Music Canada

Ruth FazalFire of Love, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalSongs from the River, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalSongs from the River Volume I, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalSongs from the River Volume II, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalSongs from the River Volume III, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalBreath New Life In Us, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalInside Your Heart, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalComing up from the Wilderness Vol.1 Fresh Oil, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalComing up from the Wilderness Vol.2 Whirlwind Romance, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalComing up from the Wilderness Vol.3 Lamentation, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalWho Is This? Vol. 1, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalWho Is This? Vol. 2, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalTogether We Come To The Father, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalFountain Of Tears, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal & Gary WiensSongs of a Burning Heart, Tributary Music

Ruth Fazal & Gary Wiens The Seven Last Words Of Christ, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalAll I Need, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalJoy in the Night, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalOratorio Terezin, Tributary Music

Ruth FazalAwakening (a Symphonic Vision), Tributary Music

Ruthann SpringleBe, Sound Grove Records

Ryan Byrne Question Games, Indie

Ryan Cook – Peaks & Valleys, Indie


Safri Boyz – Safri’s Musical Journey, Desi Music Corporation

Saintrose – Virgin Stories, KnottyGirl Records

Sam Myers (With Special Guest Mel Brown)Coming from the Old School, Electro-Fi Records

Sam Noto – Now Hear This, Supermono Records0

Sam T – Watch How You Flex, Gye Nyame Sounds D.J. Oduro

Sam Turton – Feel, Dogsnest Music

Samantha Schultz – Ink To Paper, Indie

Samba EléguaP.S. Kensington Live, Indie

Samba SquadBauque, Indie

Same Latitude As RomeThe Faerie Queen & Other Stories, Indie

Sangeet Kaur Khalsa/Harjinder Singh Gill – Raga Sadhana, Soundcurrent Productions

Sandro DominelliMeet Me In The Alley, Second Storey Records/Festival

SantersCold Fusion, Dandelion Records (6)

Sara KaminThe Music In Me, Indie

Sara LatendresseSara Latendresse, Indie

Sarah MacRaeSomething So Right, Indie

Sárah SiddiquiRosewater Songs, Indie

SarasinThe Last Word, Indie

SARSical – Original Cast Recording, Rumoli Bros. Studios

SashaZemzemeye Baran, Jam Music Productions

SAT Stoicizmo – Mah 2, Artware Products

Satish – Time is Yet To Come, Rainsong Records

Saturday Nite Fish FryRhythm & Soul, 7 Arts Entertainment

Saturday Nite Fish FryDirt Road Blues, 7 Arts Entertainment

Scarlet – E.P., Indie

Scarlet Sins Reborn, Indie

Scotiabank Group – International Assignment Program (Scotiabank Expatriate Program), Indie

Scott DriscollNo Regrets, Indie

Scott Freethy – The Beginning, Indie

Scott McCord and the Bonafide TruthLove & Sorrow / Mystery Song, Indie

ScrapeCruelest Intentions, Dark Reality Productions

Sean BurnsA Glimpse Through Storyboards & Situations, Indie

Sean HullyInteraction, Indie

Sean McClure – Guitarwallo, Indie

Seán Stephens – Crazy Ride, Indie

Sean Stephens and the Chaos System – Midnight Radio Show, Indie

Secret Agent – From Conception To Execution, Skull Geek Rec./Mum N’ Dad Rec.

Secret SuburbiaMidi Gritty, Indie

Sedona Bane – Sedona Bane, Lettuce Beats Records

Selassie I Power – King Of Kings, Selassie I Power Music

Selina MartinLife Drawing Without Instruction, Indie

Separation Suicide – Conversations, Cyclop Media

ServoHootenanny!, Indie

7th Toronto Regiment Band – Royal Canadian Artillery, RCA

Shadow FaxConversations Low, Cryptic Records

Shadowplay – Shadowplay, Indie

Shadrach – The Good Shepherd, G. Money Productions

Shakura S’AidaBlueprint, Umi Entertainment

ShaneReal Life, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Shane Quinn – Kingdom Comedown, Marching Tears

Shane PhilipsSuper Fly, Indie

Shannon ButcherWords We Both Could Say, Summer Bloom Records

Sharon Said – Sharon Said, Indie

Shawn – Snow at the Station, Shawn Stephenson

Shawn WisemanLife Is A Buzz, Indie

Shawn WisemanEtched In Time, Indie

ShedrockTest Rastafari, Tall Korn Records

SheilaThe World or the Rope, Sheila Fung

Shekinah Music & Mike Kalambay – Dans ta Présence Vol.1, Indie

Shelley JonesFaithfully, Rawlco Radio

Shelley JonesLove On Time, Rawlco Radio / Varze Records

Shemp – The Brothers’ Coach House, Indie

Sheri SomervilleCrazy love, Rawlco Radio

Sherri Layte – A Closer Walk, Indie

Sherry-Lou Flint – From Me…To You, Indie

Shoemaker Levee – Whynd, Indie

Shohjohkisshohtan / Tsurubami, C3R / Kawabata

Show & Tell Tunes – The Really Little Theatre Co., Indie

ShowroomStill Escalator, Indie

ShowroomThe World Is Too Much With Us, Indie

Sid Booty – Sid Booty, Indie

Siddal – The Old Songs From This Old Town, Bedazzled Records

Sidol – Three Cheers for Mike Rotch, Andreas Seidl

Siedem Darow – Wieczne Alleluja, Indie

Sights and Sounds Productions – Video Dance Party, Sights and Sounds Productions

Signifying Monkey – New Standards, T.B.A.

Simeon Ross – Unarmed, Indie

Simmons & Lewis – The Jazz of Don Simmons & Mike Lewis****, Don Simmons Music

SimonhouseRock! (Rok)1, Simonhouse Bible Camp

Simon RettieLeft Behind, Little Fred Records

Simon SullivanGroovin’, Back Porch Music

Simon WilcoxE.P. Sampler, SHErecords/BMG

Simon WilcoxSmart Function, SHErecords/BMG

Singing Out! (The Lesbian & Gay Chorus of Toronto) – For Love Must Have a Voice, Indie

Sirena – Blue Planet, Polygram, Russia

Sisters EuclidOther Folks, Poverty Playlist

Sisters EuclidAll Babies Go To War, Poverty Playlist

Sisters EuclidSunday Best, Poverty Playlist

Sisters Euclid Live at The Orbit Room Seven Years Of Mondays, Poverty Playlist, Original Spin Media Inc.

Sister SomeoneThe Money Shot, United One Records

Skattack – The Next Best Thing, Indie

Slakah Tha BeatChildToo Late Now, 423 Entertainment / BeatChild Productions

Slaughter – Surrender of Die, Utopian Vsion Music

Slav Simanic – Water of Life, Latter Rain Records

Slurpymundae – Sifter, Sour Music

SmeerSmeer, Coalition Entertainment

SmeerLoud And Clear, Coalition Entertainment

SmeerLoud And Clear, Coalition Entertainment

Smooth Blend , Featuring Sandy Faux- Cocktails By Five, Indie

SmudgieSmudgie, Attitude Recordz

Sneakers sports Bar & Grill – Christmas Gift ’97, Indie

Snooky PryorCan’t Stop Blowin’, Electro-Fi

Snooky Pryor and his Mississippi Wrecking Crew – Electro-Fi

Snooky PryorMojo Ramble, Electro-Fi

Snooky Pryor/Mel BrownDouble Shot, Electro-Fi Records

Soaker Bunch – Tales of Pre-School Heroes, Indie

Soap Box Preacher – Negligible Space Debris, Little Fish Records

Sok – “Nut Casez”, Indie

Soldire’s Last Letter – Wall Of Honour Memorial Song, Indie

Solon Reyes – Across the Pacific, SR Mus-Ent

Sonal AnuSleep Drum, Fhoot! Records

Sons of Town Hall – Somebody’s Birthplace, Indie

Songs of Cheran – Songs of Cheran, Aruvi Productions

Sophie Berkal-Sarbit – The Gypsy in My Soul, 7 Arts

Soul Drummers – Talkin’ Drum, Soul Drums Ltd.

Souls of the Red DreamYour Faith Bleeds, Sonic Lodge Publishing

Sounds of Tobago – Caribbean Rainforest, Higher Ground Music

Sour – Pilot, So You Are Music

Souxou MouxouDance and a Feast, Indie

Spa-la-laInstrumental Bliss (sampler), Indie

Spadina Avenue String Band – Spadina Avenue String Band, Campbell Record Co.

Spirit Wind – Breathing the Wind, Indie

Splinter Cage – Still Movement Bliss ep, Plan Eleven

Spunky Munkey – Commercial?, Spunky Munkey

Spymachine 16 – How Things Come Apart, Indie

St. Anne’s Church Choir – Meditate to the Music of Taize, Indie

St t Vlad – Deep in the Black, Nitrous Inc. Music

Stan Janes – Things I Wish I’d Said, Indie

Star Map CaravanSMC Star Map Caravan, Mystic Hicks Music

Starr – All Season All Stars, Escape records

Starter – Rank Charm School E.P., Barkin’ Hot Records

Starter – UnderPLASTIC, Barkin’ Hot Records

Statik – Extra Smooth E.P., Five Pin Din Productions

Ste. Anne’s SpaInn Repose, Indie

Stella PanacciRelease Me, Hoodwink Records

Stephanie DominguesFrom Within, Indie

Stephanie PakrulNot A Victim, Yellow Open Music Liscence

Stefano – I Wanna Get Close, Seven Chakras Music

Stephen Heathcock – Breath of God, Indie

S.T.E.P.P. – Shinetime, Sharty B Production

Steve Fox – Steve Fox, Amsterdam Management Inc.

Steve Fox –, Amsterdam Management Inc.

Steve GrisbrookBlue Sneakers, Indie

Steven West – Electricky, Steven West/Dungeon Studio

Stiffler’s Mom – E.P., Indie

Stonesthrow – Lay It Down, Indie

StonesthrowRocks Will Shout!, Indie

Storm GordonSomeone To Dance With, Wonderlust

Storm Gordon Twilight World c/w I Wish U Heaven, Wonderlust

Strange Boutique – The Loved One, Bedazzled Records

Strange Noises And KismetSayin’ You’re Done, Label Records

Strauss / Gershwin Gala – Salute to Vienna, Attila Glatz Concert Productions Inc.

Streamlined – The World Makes You Open Your Eyes, Indie

Street 66Street 66, Indie

Stu Harcourt – Coming of Age, Indie

Studio Urartu – Urartu, Indie

Stutter Stutter, Thunderbox Records Inc. / Nevada Entertainment Inc.

Sue PyperBefore You Learn To Fly, Indie

Sugah J. Philips – Stay…, Jacob Records

Sukhbir Sukhi – Vich Pardesa De, Desi Records

Suleiman WarwarBeyond Rhythm, Indie

Sulk – Don’t Tell Me, Page Distribution

Sultans of StringAtomic Gypsy-jazz-flamenco, Indie

Sundogs – The Forth Process, Orbgrabber Music

Sunshine StateSunshine State, Umi Entertainment

Super HumanSuper Human, Indie

Surface UndergroundSurface Underground, Indie

Sustain – Ginger Snaps, Sustainment Entertainment

Suzanne Brown featuring The Chain Gang- Decent Woman Blues, Indie

Suzanne Carriere, S.A.S.V. – La Priére Chrétienne-Expérience de rencontre dans le couer de Dieu, Indie

Sweetblood And The Hounds – Ruff, Sweetblood Productions

Sweetblood And The Hounds – Fetch This, Sweetblood Productions

Sweetblood And The Hounds – Unmuzzled, Sweetblood Productions

Sweetblood And The Hounds – Not Just For Dogs, Sweetblood Productions

Sweet Harmony – …For The Runnin’, Indie

Sweet Spot – Lifejacket, Indie

Swing Street! /Ron Davis~Tony Quarrington~Ka-Cheong LiuSwing Street!, Blue Gardenia Records

Switch E.P., Indie

SwitchAll For Love, Indie

Switch 96 – Propaganda, BSI Productions

Syrens Of Titan – Syrens Of Titan***, SOT Music


Tabarruk Jonah, Wheel Records

Tabu – Coisas D’ Outrora, Agora

Tabu – Pois…Pois, Agora

TamaraTamara, Mukwa Music

Tamara Miller60 Seconds, Indie

Tamara Morgan Chaffee – Let Hope Be Mine, Indie

Tanisha TaittTanisha Taitt, Soulstice Creative Enterprises

Tanisha Taitt Overflow, Bloodsongs

Tanya MullingsMusic Is My Life, VP Records

Tara DavidsonCode Breaking, Indie

Tara Lee CombsWhether We Shall Repel, Gaiadisk Records

Tara Taylor QuinnThe Heart Of Christmas, Romantic Moments Soundtracks/MeWe Productions/Harlequin Entertainment Ltd.

TaranaBageshree Vaze, Bibhas Music Publishing

Taylor Abrahamse My Friend Today, TaylorMade Music

Taylor O’MearaTaylor O’Meara, Indie

Ted NasmithThe Hidden Door Songs in the Key of Enchantment, Indie

Tension – We Hate…Destroy, Indie

Terra Hazleton – Anybodiy’s Baby, HealeyOphonic Records

Terri OliverExponentially, Indie

Terra HazeltonAnyone’s Baby, HealeyOphonic

Terry BlershTerry Blersh, Indie

Terry Langley – Days Of Gray EP, T.B.A.

Tertium QuidTer¥shum¥kwid, Indie

The A Cappella Chamber Choir – The A Cappella Chamber Choir, Indie

The A Cappella Chamber Choir – The Glory Manger, Indie

The A Cappella Chamber Choir – Waves, Sing to Me, Indie

Djanet Sears – The Adventures of a Black Girl In Search Of God, Indie

The Band Every – “Santa” Benturian’s Christmas, Trad Land Records

The Bee’s KneesWhat’s the Buzz, TBK Records

The Binary Link – Follow The Body Brick Road, Indie

The Bluestones – Outskirts of Town, Wet Cat Records

The Blues HoundsProwlin’, Indie

The Brian Dickinson QuartetSoul Mission, Elan Jazz

The Buddhagrass Family Unit – The Buddhagrass Family Unit, Moodfoodmusic

The Burgerheads – The Burgerheads, Indie

The Burns – Forget My Face*, Indie

The CansecosThe Cansecos, Upper Class Recordings

The Carnations – Superluminal, Indie

The Cat House DogsBark, Indie

The Cauze – The Cauze, T.B.A.

The chickadivasWintersong, Indie

The Choirs Of St. James United Church – Love Came Down At Christmas, Indie

The Clayton / Scott GroupAugust…, Indie

The Coggs “Blackjack And Cigarettes”

The Colour Of Soul100% Concentrate, Indie

The Col Trio – First Days (Capon, Wallman, Zubek), Magnolia Productions

The Cosmos – Life-size, Slipperysongs Inc.

The Curtain Society – Inertia, Bedazzled Records

The Curtain Society – Volume Tone Tempo, Bedazzled Records

The Dan Tucker Band – Soul Graffiti, Panacea Productions

The Danns – Norm’s Song, Indie

The Dharmatones – Go As A Sangha, Indie

The Doo-Wops – Live!, Indie

The Drifters featuring Rick Sheppard – Christmas Album, EMI – Capitol

The Drifters – Greatest Hits, K-Tel

The Drop JoysSelf Titled, Indie

The Dymaxions – How the Sick may Help Themselves, Indie

The Ernesto Cervini QuartetHere, Indie

The Fence Sitters – Real, Live Hippoponymous, Indie

The Frank Cosentino BandUnfinished Business, BMS Music

The Full NineDead Wait, Indie

The Fusion Booth Incident – Tears for Morocco, Indie

The Galaxy All-Star Orchestra – Kings of Swing Vol. 1, Diamond Entertainment Inc.

The Gary Kendall BandFeels Real Strong, 47 Records

The Golden DogsThe Golden Dogs, Indie

The Good Skamaritans – Time To Save The World, Indie

The Great Lakes – The Great Lakes EP, T.B.A

The GTA Swing Band – The Weather Sessions, Indie

The Haymakers – The Haymakers, Harold Potten

The Heffernan Family and Friends – Stay Awhile, Indie

The Heffernan Family and Friends – Heart of an Immigrant, Indie

The HopeThe Hope, Micmusic

The Howard Sprague Experience – Muffler, Eastview Productions

The House DoctorsFairytales + Poisons, Accidental Records

The Identity CrisisYour Girlfriend Thinks I’m Fine, Radio Insect Records

The Identity CrisisRecord of the Year, Radio Insect Records

The Immigrants – Out On A Limb, Awkward Music

The ImpalitesLive In The Impala, Indie

The ImpalitesIt’s a Small World….and Flat, Indie

The ImpalitesWe Got 8 Balls, Indie

The ImpalitesWe’re Not Done Yet, Indie

The Jazz of D. Simmons & M. Lewis – Halfway, Don Simmons Music

The Jazz Mechanics – Current Events, T.B.A.

The Johnny Max BandLong Gone Train…, Indie

The Johnny Max BandIn The Doghouse…Again!, Indie

The JohnstonesWhat the Rosstek?!, Indie

The Journey – Grupo Taller*****, Factor/Canadian Heritage

The JukesWhat A Night, Indie

The Korean United Church Choir – Messiah, St. Lukes United Church

The Last Metro – The Mystery Hour, Indie

The Latitudes – ElectroPaz, Indie

The Laundry Room QuartetLRQ, Indie

The Legend Of Sunday Wonder Sage Sundiata, Sound Plantation

The Lester McLean TrioBest Foot Forward, Mos Records

The Lincolns – Take One, Attic

The Lincolns – Funky Funky Funky, Creedo Music

The Livin’ Blues Band Got Me Crazy, Livin’ Blues Records

The LordsEvidentemente, Lusocan Records

The Lovebugs – Unbugged and Unplugged, Indie

The Luge SessionsHard End, O’Luge Productions

The MarigoldsThe Marigolds, Indie

The MartelsRock’ n Roll Show (Celebrating 50 Years), Indie

The Meantime – a


The Mighty RevelatorsReach Out And Help Somebody, Flaming Cheese Records

The Mood – The Autumn of Your Life, Indie

The Mosquito Saga – The Mosquito Saga, Indie

The Nth Digri – Return Of The Rappoet, Revword Co.

The New Shady GrooveE.P., Indie

The North Algona All Stars – In A Land of Lankes and Monsters, Annapurna Records

The NylonsFabric Of Life, Attic

The NylonsPlay On, Fusion lll Inc.

The O’Darling – The O’Darling, Indie

The Odyssey Blues Band – Something Borrowed Something Blues, Indie

The Orange Project – Scenes From the Waiting Room…, Next Level Entertainment

The Pangea Project, The Pangea Project, Indie

The Parisiens – Pass (it) On, The Notehouse

The Peterborough Children’s ChorusHow Can I Keep From Singing?, Indie

The Peterborough County Choir – O Music, Indie

The Peterborough County Choir – Here’s to Song, Indie

The Peterborough Singers Pop Ensemble – We Honour You, Indie

The Peterborough Singers Pop Ensemble –  Singin’ Again, Indie

The Pettit ProjectCheeROCKracy, Affluence Music Group

The Pettit ProjectHell Yeah, Bring It On!, Affluence Music Group

The Pettit ProjectSuper Awesome Best Party, Affluence Music Group

The Premiums Recognizer, Indie

The PremiumsPrimetime, Indie

The Quintessential FactorThe Quintessential Factor, Indie

The Really Little Theatre Co. – Show (And Tell) Tunes, Show & Tell Productions

The Red Heat – Sick Sessions, Indie

The RisenModerate Rock, Indie

The Salads – Get Loose (Radio Single), Maui Wowie Records / Kindling Music

The Sauce – Inevitable, Indie

The ScenesThe Scenes, Indie

The Sexual Persuasion BandThe Sexual Persuasion Band, Indie

The ShaftmenMining the Blues, Indie

The ShaftmenPaycheque Blues, Indie

The Sick Lipstick – Sting, Sting, Sting, Tigerstyle

The Signifying Monkeys – New Standards, ‘Nockity Records

The Silk DemiseThe Silk Demise, Indie

The Skanksters – Dub Cookery, Simmerdown Productions

The Skyliners – Unleashed, Indie

The Slick Willys – Crash Bang, Big H Music

The Soenen Sisters – Remembrance, Indie

The Spence & Greer Band – Nothing’s Certain ‘Til You Press Record, Indie

The Stars Here Shine Right Through Me EP, Doormat Records

The Strauss Festival Orchestra – Salute to Vienna-Strauss/Gershwin Gala, Attila Glatz Concert Prod. Inc.

The Son Roberts BandYou Don’t Know Yet, Gate Productions Inc.

The Summit BandWhere I Belong, Indie

The Sun HarmonicThe Sun Harmonic, Indie

The 13th Knight – Original Theatrical Score, Tony Tosti Publishing

The Three Tenor Saxes – Steppin’ Out Of Blue Monday, MT Productions

The Tin Eddies – The Tin Eddies, Steve Fox

The Turnarounds – The Turnarounds, Indie

The Turn It UpsTear It Up and Start Again, Indie

The Undecidable – 1994 – 2007, Indie

The Unity Band – Let’s Return toLove…, Indie

The Unseen Guest – The Unseen Guest, Indie

The Weber Brothers149 Lake Street, Indie

The Weber BrothersLost & Found, Indie

The Weber Brothers -Live at the Gordon Best, Indie

The Well – June, Indie

The Young Ones of Guyana – On Tour, Indie

Then Radio:Serial Numbers, Indie

Throb Of Offal – Moss Funeral, Bloodbucket Productions

Thyron – Tone, VerBil Records

Tibet TrinkhorModern Songs of Tibet Trinkhor Vol. 3, Indie

Ticklish BrotherPracticality at its Maximum, Very Nice Records

Tidrake – Tidrake, Indie

Tijuana BiblesApartment Wrestling, Indie

Tijuana BiblesCustom Made, Tear It Up Records

Tijuana BiblesFists Of Fury, Indie

Tim James – Upside Down & Backwards, Bloodbucket Productions

Tina Hartt – You Don’t Know Me, Indie

Tip Splinter – Shavings From, Indie

Title – Moonfly, Malcron

Toasted WesternAdventures Of The Riverdale Kid, RDK Records

Todd Cloes – Riddles, Perch Pie Records

Tokyo Giants – “Live” On The Steps, Indie

Tom BurlinsonThe Man In The Hat (Limited Edition E.P.), Batang Pty Ltd.

Tom BurlinsonFrank, A Life in Song, Batang Pty Ltd.

Tom Cashmore Grafted In, Indie

Tom EastlandBetter Get A Mirror, Indie

Tom EastlandMot, Indie

Tommy Montgomery’s – Grace Period, Indie

Tony AntidormiFeel The Beat, Indie

Tony Davis – Riverwolf, Riverwolf Music & Production / I Box Publishing (Thieves & Kings)

Tony GouveiaFado Ardente, SPA

Tony Quarrington – One Bright Morning, Cordova Bay / Ragged Pup Records

Too Far GoneChemicals, Period Records

Too Far Gone – King Of Pop, Period Records

Tool Rental – Tool Rental, Stinklube

Toronto District School Board – Orff Songs & Activities (Curriculum Resource Guide K-6 2005), Indie

Toronto Dominion Bank – Don’t Stop Thinking About Investments, Indie

Toronto Korean United Church ELS Choir – Voices of Our Generation, Indie

Toronto Tabla EnsembleAlankar, Indie

Toronto Welsh Male Voice ChoirWelsh Rabbit, Indie

Toronto Welsh Male Voice ChoirAway In A Manger, Indie

Toronto Welsh Male Voice ChoirLive At Glenn Gould Studio, Indie

Torque – Quasi-stellar Radio Source, Random Sound

Tracy K & the Right Hand BandOld, New, Borrowed & Blues, Indie

Trance to the Sun – Azalean Sea 1998 1997 1996, Ambulancia Records

Transience – Water, Indie

Tressiah BombinoTressiah Bombino, Indie

Trevor Howard – The Water’s Edge ***, Indie

Tribal Stomp – Tribal Stomp EP, Indie

Tribesmen – Paintbrush Tongue, Indie

Trike Stunts – Trike Stunts, Mime Radio

TrishBare, Triadeity Productions

Trole Trole, Indie

Trouser – Fly, Witch City Music

TroutKaren’s Legs, Indie

Trow! – Punk Rawk To Help The Soul, Indie

TuiasTuias, Bundance Productions

Tuuli – Tuuli, Indie

Twenty6hundredFree With Purchase, Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

Twinn – Space Could Save Us, Same Wave Records

2•4 Left – 2•4 Left, Indie

TYA – Paleface, Music & Show Lab

TYA – Age Before Beauty, Music & Show Lab

Tyler HamiltonThe Man You See, Full Force Music Inc.

Tyler KyteLet’s Talk EP, Lefthook Entertainment / Umi Entertainment

Tyler Yarema & His Rythm – Gotta Bran’ New Suit, Radioland Enterprises


U Weight Loss ClinicsInformation Presention Designed For Your Success, Indie

U Weight Loss ClinicsU Yoga Balanced Body & Mind, Indie

Ultra – Walk On Water, Indie

Uncut & Spawks By Hook of by Crook, ExtraClip.Com

UnderbrushUnderbrush, Westside Records

Unfair Advantage – Ground Zero, Hoodwink Records Inc.

Union CityUnion City, Indie

Unit 404 – “Details”, Indie

Unit 404 – The Rhythm And The Blues, Indie

Unit 404 – No Star., Indie

United Spirit Demo – Featuring Jazzus and The Rhyme Ministah, Indie

U.N. Piece Keepers U.N. Piece Keepers, Up North Records

UpstreamUpstream, Indie

Uranium Willy – Uranium Willy, Indie

Urban Rhythm Collective – Passport, URC Productions

Urus – Sacred Waters, Indie


Valber & Vanille – O Salåo tá Cheio, Indie

Valerie Mero-Smith & Brahm GoldhamerIn The Quiet Hours, VMS Production

Valerie Mero-SmithComing Home, VMS Production

Valerie Mero-SmithBehind the Mask, VMS Production

Valerie Mero-SmithGift of Christmas, VMS Production

Valarie Williams – Surrounded By Love, ValJo Records

Valu DavidValu David, Luv Music Entertainment

Vampire Beach BabesBeach Blanket Bedlam!, Divine Industries Inc.

Vampire HorsesTransylvania Crypt Kicker, Indie

Van Allen Belt – Van Allen Belt, Despot Industries

Vandana VishwasMeera The Lover…, Indie

Vanquished – Black Northern Storm, Krankenhaus Records

Variances – Paris To Kyiv, Olesia Productions

Various – A Blind Man’s Gallery of Mirrors, Freedom in a Vacuum

Various – A Canadian Christmas, Show Stopping Entetainment Inc./Universal Music

Various – Alleviation, Silber Records

Various – AmorDe Artista 2009 (10th anniversary), Venus Creations

Various – Bana Y’Africa, Africa New Music

Various – Bandsearch 99-Bands Volume 1, Upper Room Records

Various – Bandsearch 99-Bands Volume 2, Upper Room Records

Various – Bandsearch 99-Soloist Compilation, Upper Room Records

Various – Bandsearch 2000-Bands, Upper Room Records

Various – Barefeat Presents…, Barefeat Recordings

Various – Blues Piano-Rama, Electro-Fi Records

Various – Buckets of Blood Volume 1…, BloodBucket Productions

Various – Buckets of Blood Volume 11…, BloodBucket Productions

Various – Buckets of Blood Volume 111…, BloodBucket Productions

Various – Belly Full Riddim, The Explorer Recording Co.

Various – Big Fun Volume 1, Trinity Records

Various – Canadian Cuts Volume One, NTCD / Rocks! / 95.1 FM The Peak

Various – Caught in the ACT 2001, Caught in the Act

Various – Christmas For Lovers, Verve Music Group

Various – Christmaspak Four, RDR Promotions

Various – Classic Christmas Collection, Bow Liquor Inc.

Various – Classic Christmas Collection Vol 4, Dynamic On-Line

Various – Classic Christmas Songs, Dynamic On-Line

Various – Classic Goa: Hits of the Millennium, A Konkani Album of Love Songs, Silviano Barbosa

Various – Cold Cuts, Coldgroove / Wirikuta

Various – Complexity, Coldgroove Records

Various – Connections, On Tap Productions

Various – Consider This…, Consider This…

Various – Countrypak Twenty-five, RDR Promotions

Various – Cuentos de la Cripta 2-Spanish Reggae Mix, Non Stop

Various- DJ Chris Spotlight, New Brand Music

Various- DJ Chris Eyewater, New Brand Music /Everything Criss Productions

Various – Dr. Evg. Sonny Okosuns Gospel Compilation Vol. 1, Celebrity Records

Various – Dreamscapes, Volume 1, PhilCan Music

Various – Elementary Folk Dance (Division II), Can-Ed Media

Various – Fragrance From Within, RR Productions / Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization

Various – From The Ground Up, indiepool

Various – Ghettocentric, Smooth Sailing Records

Various – Gotham Recordings: The Soundtrack, EMI/Gotham

Various – Haggarty Sound Studio presents Artists For Animals, Haggarty Sound Studio

Various – *Harambee! (*A Party With A Purpose*), Tia Anita Project

Various – Hey! Where’d The Summer Go?, Humblebee Recordings

Various – Hi-Life Bash 1, Natro Productions

Various – Kahani Brahma Baba, RR Productions / Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization

Various – Killer Knockouts Vol. 2, Gen-Sub Records

Various – Let Your Spirit Soar…-Newfoundland & Labrador Winter Games 2002, Youth Employment Strategy

Various – Local Steel-Sault Ste. Marie, Full Scale AudioProds.

Various – Millennium Compilation 2001, T/A John Lennon Records

Various – Midnite Blues Party, Electro-Fi Records

Various – Midnite Blues Party Volume Two, Electro-Fi Records

Various – Mind Your P’s & Q’s, Mind Your P’s & Q’s

Various – N49-Culture Canada Vol. 2 (Midem Comp), Elmira – Creative Muse

Various – Natural Disasters, Applause Indie

Various – New Order Tribute-Thieves Like Us, Something Inviting Records

Various – News From Nowhere, Plan Eleven

Various – Not There, Artists in Support of RSD in Guelph

Various – Open Door 03, Indie

Various – Open Door Festival of Music, Indie

Various – Open Door 05, Indie

Various – Open Door ’06, Indie

Various – Planet Compilation, Planet Records

Various – Portraits In Jazz, Radioland Enterprises

Various – Pucker Up, Persuasion Records

Various – Real Divas – Torch Light….Volume 1, 7 Arts Entertainment

Various – Real Divas II (torch light volume 2), 7 Arts Entertainment

Various – Ripples of Sound, Indie

Various – Santa’s Got Mojo (An Electro-Fi Christmas Blues Celebration), Electro-Fi Records

Various – Saturn Compilation, Saturn Distributors

Various – Sonic Obliteration Vol. 1, Utopian Vision Music

Various – Sonic Obliteration Vol. 2, Utopian Vision Music

Various – Sonic Obliteration Vol. 3, Utopian Vision Music

Various – 2004 Southside Shuffle-Dancin’ In the Street, Southside Shuffle & The Iridescent Music Company Inc.

Various – Spectacular Spas Music From The Series, PREOMusic Productions Inc.

Various – Spirit of the North, Festivals New Liskeard

Various – Spotlight, Newbrandmusic

Various – Stephan’s Dream, Map Enterprises Ltd.

Various – Surreal Estate, Planet Entertainment

Various – The New Rock .ca Volume 1 (featuring recording artists Krome & Chunk), Loud Sound Productions Inc.

Various – The Open Door Festival of Music -Believing in Ourselves, Red Door Shelter

Various – The Power Of Love-Operatic Excerpts Inspired by Love, VMS Production

Various – Tia Anita Project – The Stephen Lewis Foundation

Various – Together Like Voltron, 101st Airborne Productions

Various – Toronto Blues Society 20 Years, Toronto Blues Society

Various – Trails of Smoke, Bubble One Sounds/Supermono Records/Page

Various – True North Records 2005, True North Records

Various – True North Records Vol. 1, 2007 (Midem), True North Records

Various – True North Records/High Romance Vol. 2, 2007 (Midem, True North Records

Various – Twisted-Compilation of Alternative Bands, Smirnoff Citrus Twist

Various – Unsigned 89-New Music Seminar, Agfa/Ten Ten

Various – Up Roar 99, Listen Up

Various – Various Artists (Volume II), System 77

Various – Woke Up Smiling, Bedazzled Records (6)

Various – Women’s Blues Revue Live, Toronto Blues Society

Various – World Vision – No Hungry Children, Humanwave Records

Various – Yet To Form, Atitlan Industries

Various – You Gotta See euys-Folk Alliance 2000, Phil & Althea Doolittle

Varsity Jews A Cappella This One’s A Kippah, Indie

Vegasphere – Exitwound, Something Inviting

Venus – La Vita (Gennaro Giuseppe), Indie

VibroluxLove Is A Drug, Indie

VibroluxBlaze On, Indie

VibroluxMiami, Indie

Vile RichardHow To Find & Fascinate a Mistress, Indie

Vineet Vyas Taalworks, Indie

Vinnick Sheppard Harte – And They All Rolled Over…, Indie

Vinnie Pace – Both Sides, Me Music

Violet LyalThe Sky Floats, Indie

Visa – Paiment Automatique des Factures par Cartes Visa, Indie

Visions Of the NightEnVisioning the New Age, Independent

Visions Of the NightExternalizing Caligination, Independent

Vivienne Williams – Infatuated (CD single), Benchmark/Brunswick Records

Vivienne Williams – My Tempation, Benchmark/Brunswick Records

Vladimir Sitnikov – Classical and Jazz Compositions for Guitar, CP Talent Studio

Voice – Two Sides To Every Face, Voice

Voices of Joy – Voices of Joy, Choirs Ontario/Ontario Trilliam Foundation

Voyces Past – Thoughts and Fancies, Voyces Past


W. Mark Sutherland – Oral Cavity, The BarKing Boys Music Co.

W. Mark Sutherland – Notes & Songs From the Pan American Highway, The BarKing Boys Music Co.

Walter Hautzig – My Favorite Encores, Americus Records Inc.

Wanman – …Soundtrack From The Motion Picture Of My Mind, Silver Label

Warren Chambers – At Last, Warren Chambers

Warren Greig TrioWarren Greig Trio, Olive Tree Music

Washbrook A Gypsy’s Bed – A Tribute To Lenny Breau, Washbrook

Wathahine – Journey, Wathahine

Wayne Cass – The New Piano, Canadian Heritage

Wayne Horvath & Neil Whittle – As Is, Horwitt Productions

Welcome KarmaFlying Saucer Express!!!, Welcome Karma

Wendy O’NeilSuch A common Bird, Spirit River Distribution

Wendy O. Williams/PlasmaticsFuck You, (A Retropective), Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/PlasmaticsWOW, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/PlasmaticsMaggots: The Record, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/PlasmaticsKommander Of Kaos, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/PlasmaticsBeyond TheValley Of 1984, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/PlasmaticsNew Hope/Metal Priestess, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/PlasmaticsDeffest and Baddest, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/PlasmaticsPut Your Love In Me, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/PlasmaticsCoup De Grace, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/PlasmaticsFinals Days, Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics10 Years Of Revolutionary Rock And Roll, The DVD , Plasmatic Media, Inc.

Wendy Robin – Ain’t Nobody, GMR Records

WestpointLove and Comfort in a Time of Confuse, Independent

WetworkSynod, Krankenhaus Records

Wézon – Transformation, Wézon Music

Wézon – Stage Two, Wézon Music

What’s New…Tattoo – What’s New …Tattoo, You Got It! Entertainment

White Elephant – Songs of the Mind, Mert Music

Wibi20/20 Hearing, Indy

Wibijazz’n’Live, Wibijazz’n’

Wibijazz’n’Going Places, Wibijazz’n’

Wibijazz’n’In The Pocket, Wibijazz’n’

Wild T – We Want Stanley, Wild T

Wild T – Stnge Modern, Wild T

Wilder – From the Forthcoming CD “City Lights”, Wilder

Will Of The Ancients Will Of The Ancients, Northern Storm Records

William Carn Other Stories, William Carn

Willie “Big Eyes” Smith – “Nothin’ But The Blues Y’All”, Juke Joint Records

Willie “Big Eyes” Smith And The Northern Blues LegendsBlues From The Heart, Juke Joint Records

Willie “Big Eyes” Smith and The Juke Joint RockersBluesin’ It, Electro-fi Records

Willis HiscockLost, Fortress of Freedom Inc.

Wings Of Love – The Verdict, Wings Of Love

Winnipeg Wind Ensemble – Saturn Sky (Andrew Klassen, Conductor), Winnipeg Wind Ensemble (6)

Woke Up In Vegas – The Story Unfolds…, Headtraffic Recordings

Woods Of YpresAgainst The Seasons: Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Summer Heat, Krankenhaus Records

Woods Of YpresWoods III: Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues, Krankenhaus Records

Woods Of YpresWoods 4: The Green Album/Slaughter Of The Seoul, Krankenhaus Records

Woodshed – The Greed of My Desire, Woodshed

(Working Title) – the.winter.of.our.discotheque., Indy


X-Hale – Let It Out, X-Hale Music

Xiaoping Li – It’ll Be Alright, Help-Exchange


Thirteen Yards to Victory (13 YTV) American Dreamers, Balboni Communications Group

Yaco Valero – Solos for Six Strings, The Headroom Productions

Yanick Allwood – Inspired, Listen Up Production (6)

Year of the Monkey 68Year of the Monkey 68, Indie

Yeekodi – Kaakyire Kwame Appiah, Yeekodi

Yemane Kidane – Instrumental Eritrean Songs, Yemane Kidane

YoStrange Life, Indie

Yogi AmitramTruth & Transcendence, Buddham Yoga

Yohanna – Detours, Quantum Records

Your Enemy Closer – Your Enemy Closer, Indie

Yours, Etc. – Nibble My Bum?, Indie

Yuzuru Syogase/Kaiser Nietzsche – Yuzuru Syogase/Kaiser Nietzsche, Artware Products (6)


Zaffi GousopoulosThe Queen’s Incurable Inglish, Mousike Productions

Zak Peters – Turning Point, Grow 3 & ZakCom Enterprises

Zeineb Beshir – Zeineb Beshir, Indie

Zoe Paliare – If I Could, Sweetpea Productions

Robert Zwicker – Zwigg Fusion II, Indie

Other Selected Credits

(commercials, SFX work and special projects)

BMG & Virgin Records/See Hear Prod: voice overs and/or digital editing for TV/ radio spots/promo videos re artists such as: Alan Jackson, Ace Of Base; Ben Heppner, Brooks & Dunn, Charlie Major, Cirque Du Soleil, Crash Test Dummies, David Bowie, Fresh Prince, Michelle Wright, R. Kelly, John Bottomly, Lenny Kravitz, Prairie Oyster, Rolling Stones, Svengali, The Nylons; Juno Awards Press Conference Video Presentation (l995 & l996), Kennedy Cartoons, Lenz Entertainment, Music Manufacturing Services, Program Design Group, Ragtop Productions, RDR Music Group, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Dominion Bank