File Transfer Protocol Instructions (FTP)

FTP Instructions Using FTP Software:
***UPDATED APRIL 23RD 2007, Please Note***

1. If you don’t have FTP softtware, please go to and download either Mac or PC FTP shareware. If the client already has “Fetch” or another FTP program then there is no need to download it.

2. In “Host” client types in:

In “User ID” client types in:

Password client types in Silver1 (case sensitive)

Alternate FTP Instructions For PC Only Using Windows Explorer

1. Open up Windows Explorer, clicking ‘My Computer’ on your desktop is the fastestt.

2. In the address field type: and press enter

3. You will be driected to a login screen, enter the following information:
password: Silver1

4. click “log on”

5. Drag and drop the files. Sometimes you may have to do this a few times in order for it to work.