Silverbirch Gets More Weiss – Weiss EQ-1 MK2

Silverbirch Gets More Weiss – Weiss EQ-1 MK2 Dynamic & Linear Phase Equalizer:

We decided to add a precision outboard equalizer to our setup. We already the have Manley Massive Passive tube equalizer but that is more useful for broadband work and colour, rather than corrective work. We also have extensively used the George Massenburg designed MDW High-Res Parametric EQ, which is a precision plug-in and is one of the few plug-ins to retain an excellent sound in the computer environment. However, we had vowed that by 2006, we would be able to run an entire mastering session without using any plug-ins!

After much consideration, we chose the Weiss EQ-1 MK2 Dynamic & Linear Phase Equalizer. Not only is this an excellent equalizer but it has a dynamic option available, and this is what sold us. One of the problems in mastering is when two instruments are playing in the same frequency range but one is louder than the other and shouldn’t be. So by activating the compressor function triggered at the appropriate frequency range, you can set it to soften the louder instrument when it is playing and when it rests, the quieter one is not affected. The ads for this unit say”…compressor or equalizer?…”. We can’t really answer that question but it works like a charm and more subtle than doing the same thing with a multi-band compressor! As a bonus, this unit also functions as an M/S mode (see TC Electronic 6000 for more info).

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