Silverbirch has gutted its space and has built a new studio.

2003 was a really good year for our studio. Besides keeping busy serving our indie clientele, we worked on more major label projects than in past years.

The majors are beginning to discover that if they select the right studio, world class mixing and mastering can be done at a far better price point than they had been previously accustomed to paying. And, due to the loss of revenue because of downloading and the changing music industry, the labels are actually starting to examine the bottom line to see where they can cut costs. We believe that smaller more efficient studios like Silverbirch, equipped with first rate engineers and gear, are going to attract much more work from these sources.

Over the last few years, we have fine tuned our equipment and setup to the point where our work compares sonically to many fine facilities, regardless of the price. The main problem with the old studio was that outside of the very small “sweet spot”, the rest of the room did not offer any other place to really accurately evaluate the sound as it was being shaped. We had moved walls as necessary but only in reaction to the need of the moment. The room ended up in a very asymmetrical shape, it wasn’t really big enough and even more acoustic treatment couldn’t really make it as good as we needed.

We had outgrown this space and there was no way to significantly improve it without starting over!

So we enlisted Terry Medwedyk, of Group One Acoustics, one of Canada’s premiere studio designers, to make a new floor plan for our commercial space and to design our new studio.

The goal was to make a better sounding, more professional looking studio that would at least be equal to excellent sound that was already being created at Silverbirch. In the process, the office got bigger and is more comfortable for our CD manufacturing staff and clients.

The other part of the mandate was to add surround mixing and mastering capabilities. And while we are not completely set up for it yet, we will be soon so let us know if you are planning any 5.1 projects

We intend to continue to deliver world class sound to our indie clients at a reasonable price point, but to also to attract more major label work to our studio.

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