payment policy

* Orders up to $2,000. require a 60% deposit. Orders over $2,000. require an 80% deposit. The Client may pay by cash, certified check, wire transfer, Interact, Visa, MC, or money order. The balance must be paid in full before the order is shipped or picked-up.

* Applicable taxes will be added (HST in Ontario, GST and HST in other provinces as applicable — no taxes on orders shipped to the US)

* All tapes, CD-R, DATs, artwork, photos, film, etc. provided to SBP by the Client, remain the property of the Client and will be released once all outstanding invoices are paid in full. CD-Rs / DATs containing material mastered by SBP, remain the property of SBP and cannot be used for duplication or transfer to another medium without our permission until all outstanding invoices are paid in full. Digital media, with the exception of masters, will not be returned unless requested by client

* Additional work agreed to by the Client and SBP, verbal or otherwise after this contract is signed, shall be charged on the final invoice.

pickup and delivery

* Orders are subject to 10% overrun or under-run — The Client will only be invoiced for goods received

* Delivery dates are estimates only. SBP will make every effort possible to meet projected delivery dates but cannot be held responsible for any costs or inconvenience caused by late delivery.

* Shipping & any courier bills are additional charges

* Finished goods will be held for sixty days after completion. Should payment and pickup or shipping of goods not occur within that time period, SBP shall have the right to dispose of said goods in any manner it chooses including, but not limited to public or private sale, destruction, public auction or wholesale distribution. At such point, all parts in SBP’s possession become the property of SBP. Even if SBP has to dispose of said goods, SBP still expects to be paid and reserves the right to sue for the balance of the monies owed.

* Unless the Client specifically requests the manufacturing parts/original art files back, i.e., film, master, extra graphics, they will be stored at the replication plant in case of reorder. If space limitations cause the parts to be returned to SBP, SBP will contact the Client who will then have 30 days to pickup the parts. If the Client fails to do so, SBP may be forced to dispose of said parts in which case, SBP will not be liable for any replacement cost. We can only be responsible for contacting you at the address/tel.# on file at SBP.

* Customer is responsible for checking all received cartons to make sure there are no errors in the order. We suggest pulling a CD/DVD from each carton and checking the insert, disc face and content. Although we will try to rectify any plant related errors at any time they are reported, we cannot be held responsible for errors reported after 60 days.

declaration of copyright

* The undersigned (Client) hereby declares and guarantees to SBP, acting as agent for any of our manufacturing partners for the purposes of CD and/or DVD duplication/replication, that he/she has all the required authorizations necessary for the lawful reproduction of the work that he/she is providing to SBP (copyrights and all other intellectual property rights) and that such work contains nothing that is likely to violate the copyrights of any person nor any element that could constitute a reason to institute legal proceedings based on the violation of any right or any illegality.

* In the event of any claim, or claims, arising from the production and manufacturing of the above title, the undersigned (Client) indemnifies and holds harmless SBP against loss, damage, cost and expenses, including attorney

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