Professional video production is now truly affordable!

Silverbirch is now offering video editing. Using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, we can handle your DV-Cam format editing needs at a truly affordable rate. Our resident editor, Ted Onyszczak, has almost 10 years of TV and film post production experience. For just $60/hour we can edit your project and produce a top quality professional video.

Our video setup uses the power of the now almost universal DV-Cam format Adobe’s latest professional video editing software Premiere Pro 2.0. We can also transfer from VHS if you have older material that you want brought up-to-date. We have years of professional experience that will help your video be broadcast quality. We know all the standards and have a wide array of effects and tricks to make your video stand out. In conjunction with our DVD authoring service, we have the skill and experience to get you a truly professional manufactured product too.

If you are even thinking of producing a video, contact Ted Onyszczak and he can help you with many handy pre-production tips that will save you time and money in post production. We want your video to look its best and we’ll help you from the start so you can end up with the best product possible.