We have noticed that many of our clients do not have a website. This is because professional website design fees usually start at $1,000., and up!

We have two types of website available, both at very reasonable price points.

For a flat fee of only $295. for the HTML site, or $495. for the WordPress site, we will design and deliver a completed, fully functional website. This price includes five pages as outlined below. Additional pages for the HTML site are $45. each and extra pages for the WordPress site are done on a custom basis, depending on what you need.
The following services are available if you need them. Securing a .com domain name is $25. or you are welcome to provide one. Hosting is monthly fee of $15. (less if you pay for 6 or 12 months in advance), If you’d like to host the site, that is also OK.

Why is the design costs so low? Because each website is based on one of several templates that have been designed for us by our website designer, Ted Onyszczak. Each website contains all the information necessary to market yourself or your band. This includes bios, photos, audio-visual clips, performance info and contact. The websites look great and work well, like ones costing many times more!

Even though your site will be based on a template, it will still look unique. If you wish to further customize your site, such as flash animation, Ted will be pleased to do so for an hourly rate or flat rate which can be negotiated in advance.
HTML sites are less expensive but harder for the artist to update. If you are savvy with programs like Adobe GoLive and FTP, you CAN do it yourself.

The advantage of WordPress Sites are that they can easily be updated by the artist. This is handy for tour dates, updating the bio, press, photos, etc. We can also set you up for blogging with links to Twitter and Facebook. These sites are easily expandable, with lots of optional plug-ins and you don’t need to know HTML programming to do it!
contact ted@silverbirchprod.com for further information.


Example 1 – Bageshree
Example 2 – Silverbirch Mastering
Example 3 – Silverbirch Productions
Example 4 – The Mighty Rhino
Example 4 – Sogand


Example 1 – Ron Lopata
Example 2 – Vineet Vyas
Example 3 – Craig Wingrove
Example 4 – Brian de Lima (With Added Flash Programming)
Example 5 – Lenny Graf
Example 6 – Cynthia Hallett (In Progress)
Example 7 – Terry Blersh
Example 8 – Year Of The Monkey (Deluxe)